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Russia volleyed a group of 90 missiles into Ukraine hitting various diverse targets. However one of those missiles strayed into Eastern Poland a NATO country, killing 2 people.

And so it begins.

Article 5 anyone?

The Leftists have left us!

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Article 4 first, it may just remain at that. I'm booked to go to Poland on 5th December. Bloody hells fire 


Hopefully not to close to Lviv, Ukraine? Russia’s aim is a little off.

I’d say pack a helmet, but the darn thing would just set off the metal detectors!


I've been trying to get there since 2019,  if I don't get this time I'm just not going at all. I'm going to Krakow so it's about 800k away. I guess we will all have to wait to see what transpires from article 4.


Stay safe!

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Russia is just incompetent.  They cannot hit their ass with both hands.  If they were smart, and they are not, they would just announce that it was a mistake and that they are sorry.  

Everyone seems to think that they made a mistake but rusky will never admit it.

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It was announced today that the missile is suspicious to be Ukraine’s . 


I saw that.  The Ukrainians are not buying it.  They think that the west is looking for a reason to give the russians a pass.  Might be right.  Supposedly there was russian missile and Ukraine missile debris.  


Perhaps, but if it avoids the possibility of WWlll through ambiguity, it may be a smart move! The “hit” was not military in nature, and was at best probably accidental.

Hopefully cooler heads will  prevail . Ukraine would like to bring in NATO as reinforcements.


I think it was a mistake.  The russians cannot find their butt with either hand.  But why was Ukraine shooting away from the direction the missiles we coming from.  Oh well, get it papered over and move on to the next crisis.

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