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Even after their fight and deciding to not to speak to each other, I saw my fwb walk past the girl and he gave her a half assed smile and winked at her. She gave a slight smile too. They didn't talk but this happened even after both arguing and deciding not to talk to each other. He still didn't delete her number either.

Why do this when he already refused her and treated her badly?

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4 Answers

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What kind of smile was it, did he show teeth or just a lip twist? Was he walking towards her or stationery? Was his hands in his pockets? Did he have a hat on? Was he wearing black jeans, blue jeans or shorts? Was he carrying anything? Had he just washed his hair? 

What about her? Was she walking east or west? Was she wearing a skirt or trousers? Did she carry a handbag? Had she brushed her hair? Was it anti or post lunch? Did she have lipstick on?


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You'd be so much happier if you stopped over analyzing everything this guy does.  I have a friend, I've found him attractive since we met about 8 years ago but I was already married at the time. The past several years we've exchanged mostly birthday greetings but in the past several months we've started texting more often. He's made comments that could indicate he may have interest in me as more than a friend: telling me my husband better treat me well, good morning texts, telling me to stay safe when going on a solo-trip, apologizing if there is a lapse in communications etc. and I could choose to scrutinize each and every message to determine some hidden meaning but that would drive me absolutely crazy and make me miserable. 

You are making yourself miserable by hyper focusing on everything this guy does. For your own mental health you should break things off.
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How many times can a Q be bumped....


Some people don't even care if you answer.  All they want is the attention.


Can write rubbish but can't answer 


IZZY... speaking of "writing rubbish"... 

::holds up mirror for Isabel::


Oh, that's right... I forgot that you have answered TWO questions that have been posted here over the five years you've been a member...   

::clearing room for you to stand proudly on those great answers::

NOTE:: One of the two "answers" you posted was to your own question. When no one responded to it, you posted... and I quote here.... 



I answered it the first time you asked. You don't care what anyone says you just like posting nonsense. There is no FWB, there is no other girls, and there us no uni. 

You're either a 50 year old man or an adolescent, whatever,  you're just looking for attention.

Bumping doesn't get you any more attention than the first time 


You sound crazy with your assumptions. 

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