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A record- breaking snowstorm continued to devastate Western New York Saturday; dumping more then six feet of snow in some areas.

What is the weather like in your domain?

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3 Answers

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As said in my racing comment earlier, Blue Jay,  we are currently dealing with a massive and dangerous snowstorm here in Orchard Park, NY. Which is in the Western New York (Buffalo) Metropolitan area; cities, villages, towns, suburbs, including the rural areas where I live in Orchard Park. Currently there's over 6.5 feet plus of snow that has fallen, and it's to pick up again tmrw.. We've moved our Buffalo Bills football team from it's home field in Orchard Park to Detroit, Michigan to play. 

Currently the lake effect snow band has moved north of us, however, it's to move back south where I am again tmrw.. We are surrounded by large lakes here. Therefore, we are smack dab in the middle of these very disturbing bands and deadly conditions! Luckily, I have a full home generator, fireplaces, and generators for all my horse stables, as well. We are doing our very best to keep them safe and sound.  Some people aren't as lucky, they are dealing with the loss of power, plus feet of snow. This snow is very heavy in weight, as well, making it extremely tough to clear.

Prayers are definitely needed. No doubt many of you have seen this devastating impact on your local and national news stations.

My communication has been intermittent due to weather conditions. Western New Yorkers are filled with strong minded and helpful people, we will pull together and get through this as we have in the past. I'm remaining positive and confident.

Thank you for posting Blue Jay. Love to you and all!

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That`s  the trooper SandyGirl ! It was because of your race comment that i decided to post this.

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We have had flooding in Eastern parts of Scotland after 6 weeks of rain fell in 2 days. I live right on the Western edge of the Larger Central Belt so it's just been very large puddles..

There is a saying that if NY coughs London gets the cold. Its actually referring to the stock exhange but I have found you can judge the future weather too.

I hate snow with my every nerve, I'll take rain any day over it.

Stay safe.

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I like fresh fallen snow, but when it hardens and turns to slush its a pain in the a***!


Thank you! Things are looking better with each passing day!

: )

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We have been lucky only a couple of inches fell overnight November 12th. other than that it’s been tiny snow showers the size of dandruff. Our temperatures have ranged from the 60’s to the teens. SW Ohio typically doesn’t get huge snowfalls, however the threat of a mere few inches sends the whole populace to the grocery store to get items needed if the power goes out. Our road crews can barely handle snowfall of 4 inches much less 4-8 feet!

Prayers for those in NY during this time of weather crisis!

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I remember Dayton in the 50`s 60`s and 70`s, when we would receive 6 inches of snow  three to four times every winter!


Thank you, lady4u. Day by day things are getting back to our normal. We are always thinking ahead, gearing up for the next snow storm.


I am however familiar with lake effect snow as I lived in Ogden, Utah for 7 years just off the Salt Lake.

However our biggest storm was 18 inches in 24 hours.

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