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If a guy rejected someone romantically by taking revenge on her by insulting her and saying he don't like her nor does he want to be friends with her, which ultimately resulted in the girl asking to cut contact completely, why would the guy insist that he still wants to say hello to her and even after he agreed not to talk to her again, still greet her and smile at her?
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what a wonderfully puerile post you have, my dear...  It's a match to most of the others you post and bump and bump and bump and bump...  and bump....

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Old man still answering lol


Isabel.... let's put some facts into the record here.  You've been on this site for five years, I think.  You've asked a total of 85 questions.  From what I can see, nearly ALL of those 85 have been some version of your puerile fascination with why some guy does or doesn't do something with some other girl or why he does or doesn't do something with you, followed by endless followups that continue to beat a long-dead horse... yet you have steadfastly refused to get the actual answer to your endless string of mindless questions here by simply asking the boy you're fascinated by.   

And, as a fine community member of Answerology, you've answered a total of 2 (that's TWO) questions.   

Let's review:  you have posted 85 nearly identical 'questions' but have answered only 2. 

Yet you have the gall to cast aspersions on other people???    

I would find this amusing if it weren't so sad.

P.S.  For the record... I have been here 7 years.  I've asked 33 questions.  I've answered over 3000 questions.


P.S.  Oh, also for the record... ONE of those two "answers" you have posted was an answer to your own question, one which no one else had answered, and you wrote this:  "Helloooo"  Nice.

So, I suppose this mean, nasty factual post will also get a flag from you.  i'm hoping for the three-peat on one post.... :-

Thanks... and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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