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In Colorado Springs 5 dead, 25 injured in 1 min. One minute. 

Why are these types of weapons available to just anyone?

I'm not into  "it's not the gun that kills" shit.

So now it's just thoughts and prayers, lessons will be learned, it's pure evil crap.

No I'm not American and no I don't live there, I am human and I can feel shattered at these countless incidents. When will the US decide enough is enough?


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3 Answers

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When you've got members of the public saying you can kill someone with a pencil, you've got no hope.

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Good point, blue! 


Sandy. It's also a sad case when you need to arm yourself up and your property to feel safe and US citizens think that is a good thing. And it is true. The Rubicon has been passes a long time ago.

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I truly understand your perspective, Belle.

But honestly there are other factors at play here.

Outlawing weapons in the US do nothing to eliminate the black market purchase of weapons. The restrictions won’t effect the criminals as they will always find a way to get their weapons of choice.

Next others will simply find another weapon to do the deed! Shotguns, handguns, knives, hammers, axes etc!

As we have seen with the recent deaths of 4 college students residing off campus in Idaho that were apparently slaughtered with the same Bowie knife.

Psychopaths will always find a way! Re: The recent attack of Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

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Multiple deaths by shooting in Virginia!!! How many mass shootings is that this year? 607?

How many mass stabbings by comparison?

No one needs combat weapons. The law allows this, you live in a country where mass shootings and gun ownership is defended, however, a woman choosing to abort a bunch of cells is is regulated by the state.

In my honest opinion there is no 2 sides here, although I appreciate you trying. When the public are killed in their pursuit of happiness, then they are not free.


No one slaughtered 19 students with a hammer or a Bowie knife or an axe or an extremely sharp pencil, etc.  Large numbers of people are slaughtered in seconds only by semi-automatic weapons.  People who aren't buying them on the black market or who are dealing in the gun trade of the underworld to commit crimes.  They are buying them legally even when no one in their right minds thinks they should be able to do so: combat veterans who are so challenged they can't legally cash their own checks are allowed to buy guns.  Domestic abusers who have restraining orders imposed on them can buy AR-15s.  Young people who are not old enough to order a beer in a bar can buy several AR-15s the moment they turn 18.  The list goes on.  

Your pursuit of happiness should stop--but it doesn't, unfortunately--when you decide to buy a weapon whose only purpose is to take human life.

P.S.  Happy Thanksgiving.  :-(

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Something to chew on. The average of all countries in the world is 9.86 guns per 100 civilians.  The United States is highest in the world at 120.5 guns per 100 people. Yemen, which is in the middle of a war with Saudi Arabia and dealing with an internal insurgency, comes in second at 52.8. No other nation is even close even Afghanistan and Iraq average around 20 deadly weapons in the hands of every hundred people. : /

There doesn't seem to be any way to lessen the number of school and mass shooting in the US...I guess we're just exceptional, lol...B.S.

Banning the guns that the NRA claims don't kill people; people do, has me wondering if the guns should be allowed and people banned? And, though having  access to combat weapons is ridiculous. I will include all types of accessories in my answer too; knives, laser pointers, pepper spray, toy guns, backpacks and other items such as pencils, and what have you, lol.. Obviously, it takes people, and all the weapons above to make a thing go wrong.

Yes, you're hearing sarcasm above, which stems out of pure disgust. There's way too many (poor) yeah but excuses, and not enough solutions, regardless of political affiliation!

by (363,560 points)

The question is "How many deaths are acceptable?"  It's OK to slaughter elementary children in Sandy Hook  and Uvalde.  It's OK to slaughter high school kids in Parkvale. It's OK to slaughter people in Florida and Colorado night clubs.  It's OK to slaughter people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  It's OK to slaughter people in a grocery store in Buffalo.  It's OK to slaughter people in the Walmart.

Until people say "ENOUGH!!!!"  ... nothing will change.  And so far, the legislators of one party in particular have not felt the urgency to change the landscape despite the overwhelming desire of the American people (including gun owners themselves) to make such changes.  Over 75% favor an overhaul of gun legislation.  But it won't happen until the slaughters of my first paragraph become unacceptable to those who have the power to change things but who refuse to do so.


Yes! Exactly, Media, reason for my first paragraph facts. My second paragraph sarcasm, and the yeah buts, etc. that keep this obsession ongoing. 

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