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Choose your three most influential/best people and events. For the six people/events write one to two paragraphs using at least three pertinent facts for each person/event. The people/events can come from any of these historical eras: Enlightenment, American Revolution, French Revolution, Napoleonic Era, Industrial Revolution or the US Civil  War.

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First, choose three time periods or eras from which you will select your writing subjects. Your choices here are

• Enlightenment, or The Age of Enlightenment.  This period in history was from the mid-1600s through most of the 1700s, and the more specific dates change depending on which country you look at (Germany has a different start date than France, for example).  

• American Revolution.  This period in history spans the years 1765 (with the Stamp Act, which triggered the idea for revolution in many hearts) through the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791 (the ratification completed for the Constitution).  More specifically, you could narrow that to 1775-1783, which when all the "official fighting" occurred.

• French Revolution.  This period of time followed closely after the American Revolution and lasted from 1789-1792.  

• Napoleonic Era.  This was the time from about 1799, near the end of the French Revolution, to 1815, when the Battle of Waterloo occurred.

• Industrial Revolution.  This spanned a time period (again, depending on which country you select) from 1760-1840.

• U.S. Civil War.  This war was fought from April 1861-April 1865, from the attack on Fort Sumter to the surrender at Appomattox.

****** As you can see, these periods of time flow roughly from one to the next, starting in the 1600s and ending in 1865.  As I read your assignment, you need to select THREE PEOPLE and THREE EVENTS.  You will pick an event (meaning time period as I have listed them above), and then pick a person from that time period.  

For example, you can look over the historical figures from the Enlightenment time period who reflected the "enlightenment" philosophy and choose one to write about.  Be sure to include at least three specific things that the person you select accomplished or tried to accomplish in the time period. Also include at least three things that happened during that period of time that reflect why that period of time was important. Use specific examples to support your choices from your research.

**********  Best wishes on your success with this assignment!*********

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OMG thank you so much sir!!!

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