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I own a vehicle with manual transmission, so I discovered that I have joint and muscle issues that I have a medical disease. I cannot buy a car with an auto loan at this time. Driving with manual stick affect my joints. My vehicle does not worth much to sell. I wish I have a reliable automatic vehicle. How I can trade my vehicle for no cost, but most people are asking for money to change the auto ownership. Any suggestions?

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First of all, we don't know the year, make, and model of the car you currently have.  Secondly, trade-in value is always linked to the condition of the car (poor, fair, good, excellent).  Third, where you live is a big factor; the value of cars greatly varies from one region to another.  Fourth, are you in the United States?  The way cars are purchased here may not be the same way they are purchased where you live.

Once you let us know these things, we are far more likely to be able to give you sound advice.

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