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A girl and I have been talking almost a year (we don't anymore. In a nutshell, she threw a fit and blocked me when I set a boundary and decided not to be her personal ATM any longer) and during the period we were talking she said that she and the GF were broken up. Talked so much crap about her to me, also. Well several months ago she commented on the GFs Facebook that she's "so in love" with her. She says they've broken up more than once since then so it's safe to say she's a liar. Even though I've never met the GF, should I screenshot our conversations and send them to her?. I'm tired of being the bigger person all the time...Sometimes you got to help a person understand that when you f*** around, you find out.

PS: I've helped this girl to the tune of a few thousand $ over the course of a year.

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4 Answers

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The late Ann Landers, an advice columnist, used to say MYOB to letters she received like yours.  It's still good advice.  Your relationship with this person is precisely that: yours.  You don't have the responsibility or the need to butt into another's business.  So.. MYOB here.  Mind Your Own Business.  Remain the bigger person.

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Thank you. It does suck always being the bigger person but you're right 

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She showed her “true colors “ when you shut the money off.

My mother used to say never loan any more money than you care to lose.

Good advice! I only got stung for $20 by a supposedly good friend in my 20’s!

Several decades later she must’ve forgot all about the unpaid debt. She called me to loan her $1,200 for a court fine!

You learned your lesson hopefully. Move on and don’t be a turd!

The Leftists have left us!

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Very true, even tho I'm still angry and salty about it. My friend told me "the fact you've done that much for her says alot about your character...but it also says alot about hers too"


Keep it classy!

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You don't know the GF at all, so, NO.  If she was a good friend or someone close to you, maybe.  But in this case NO.  You don't know her.  You expect her to believe you.  She won't, it will just be jabbing a stick into a hornets nest.

At this point you should just distance yourself from your former friend as much as possible.  Leave her in the dust and move on.  The less involvement with her the better.  Trying to get revenge isn't worth it.  Time to move forward.   

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Yea lol she had quite a little enterprise going there huh? Had her gf the whole time (even tho she had me fooled) while having me as a personal ATM. She was pretty much getting the cow, the milk AND the cheese. So to speak

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My best advice is, for you, to chalk it all up as unrequited, and a bad investment...then move on. I know, it's easier said than done, because obviously you still have feelings for this person. She used you, just as she is using the current girlfriend. Involving yourself will not, even remotely, result in what you want. It's over for you and nothing will revive the relationship. The revenge will not be sweet, it will only waste your time and prolong your sadness and anger. Disenchantment will override with time. Put your effort and energy into something or someone that has merit. This learning experience is about you and no one else. 

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