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Mine is high winds that whistle around the building. Lady4u will know that it's really the banshee, warning of someone's death.

She asked, we obliged ;-)


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Yes, my mother spoke of banshees! It was the talk of her superstitious grandmother that warned of upsetting the spirits! Lol! I used to laugh until the framed picture jumped from the wall. ;-)

My favorite memories was 75 degree, sunny days on my grandfather’s farm in Kentucky. A beautiful spring day, low humidity taking a ride on his horse, just slow sauntering up to the teardrop pond. There were magical dragonflies there! My collie would go with us and take an unannounced jump into the pond for a swim! I can close my eyes on a spring day and recreate the scene from memory, including the smell of the rich farm soil, the horse and even my grandmother’s fried chicken eaten after the ride for the noon meal!

The Leftists have left us!

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What part of Kentucky was your grandfather`s farm located lady?

My grandfather had a farm in Wilmore Ky ( Jessamine County ).

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Its a split. I like sunny days when the skies are clear and the sky is so blue and it is hot but not humid so it is comfortable to be outside---a perfect day. I also love grey winter mornings when its cold and the snow is coming gently down, when everything it quiet and the world seems covered in a pristine white blanket.  

But my absolute favorite is a good rain/thunderstorm, when the rain is pouring down and I can lie in bed and listen to it pounding on the roof and look out the window to watch flashes of lighting in the distance.

 It rains a lot here, but most of the time it is the wrong rain--either cold drizzly misery, or brief torrential down pours that come down in sheets so you can't see and everything floods. I prefer the big fat drops that come down like a shower head or a sprinkler. 

I think a good part of it is nostalgia, I used to sleep over at my grandmother's house as a kid and my bed was out on their covered porch. She'd sleep out there with me and we would watch the lightning through the windows.  

One of my favorite memories of a former partner is from just before we got involved. We started off as running buddies and I got caught in a storm walking to his house so we could go on our evening route. When I showed up on his doorstep soaked to the skin he grabbed me one of his sweatshirts and then came out into the rain with me so we could do our run. I went home in his sweatshirt and returned it a few days later, I also broke up with the guy that I had been dating at the time and shortly thereafter he kissed me. So getting caught in the rain reminds me of him and that summer.
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: )

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Temperature in the 70`s


Wind 3 mph

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LOL! I appreciate folklore, Belle! Bring it on!

I was always interested in weather. All of it! As a little girl I pretended to be a meteorologist. With weather related school projects always a fun time.

A cold snowy blustery storm is my favorite. With a safe ending to any exciting snowstorm, of course. A snowstorm is especially beautiful when it's over too. There's a certain special serenity, a beauty when the snowstorm has passed. The sun comes out all big and bright like it never happened. The captured peacefulness of beauty is bold, and the air refreshed.  Ahhh! Take a deep breath..ahhh!

A snowstorm always seems to strengthen the sense of our community too. People/neighbors of all ages come out to help each other in many many ways. Even to build a snowman, lol.. A very nice feeling indeed!

There's something to be said about not having any control over what happens. Weather is definitely one of those things. 

: )

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Warm and sunny.  Not hot.  Not humid.  Like springtime, but without the rain.  Yes, I know we need the rain, but it is nice to just strip down and go out into the sun.  

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My ideal weather would be  72-77 degrees with partly sunny skies and lots of shade where I want it.  :-)

(The sun is my enemy; I have a fair complexion and just burn and  burn...)

In general, though, I would prefer cold over heat.  You can always put more clothes on, but you can't always take more clothes off. (and that's a picture of me you just wouldn't be able to "unsee.")  LOL

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I'm a lifelong nerd and was a fan of storms. Storms are beautiful in formation, yet the level of destructive force they can yield is unfathomable. Watched a lot of National Geographic Explorer channel for the predator wildlife documentaries and how a storm develops. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes.... drones give a new glimpse into it.

That being said, I made a nice amount of money with snow removal as a kid. I no longer am a fan of cold winters like what I experienced in the Midwest. While summer is my favorite season to live in, the fisherman in me loves spring and autumn. A fish's nature is to hunt and for me, you'll get the most (and best) chances of catching fish.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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