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For years it was my weekend job but since the energy price hike I've found it cheaper to do small loads more often  and dry on a winter dyke instead of the dryer.

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When i run out of clean underwear:)

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Thanks for BA,Belle!


So true!

I used to buy undies in bulk packages all white!

Now that I have lost down to 129 lbs, there are fewer pairs that fit. Unless I want to be called droopy drawers. Lol!

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I think for most people it would depend on when you have free time.

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No particular day now. My honey is a doll and does all the laundry to spare my painful back. The laundry is done as needed.

When I worked it generally was on Tuesday or Thursday either of my 2 days off. I usually worked every weekend with the exception of my vacation week.

The Leftists have left us!

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I typically do laundry on Saturday or Sunday-I pick one weekend day to be my chores day and do all the grocery shopping, cleaning, errand running etc. that day so I have the other day to actually relax. If we are planning to go out of town for the weekend then I do the laundry the night before we leave so I can come home to a clean house. I only do 1-2 loads a week as I only do my son's and my own clothing and the household linens. 

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Laundry is done as needed, mostly when the clean towel situation becomes low. Undies too, lol.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Many years ago, I moved from the Chicago area to the Pittsburgh area while my wife and family remained behind to sell our house.  I was teaching full time and working part time at a men's store as well as starting up my own DJ business, so I had very little spare time.  Additionally, the laundry was not in my apartment but around in the back of the building.  If it was in use, I had to come back another time.  Several times, i was faced with the choice: stay up late and do the laundry or go buy some clean underwear.  Usually, I bought the clean underwear.

Since the family arrived, though, and particularly since I retired from teaching and reduced my work load, I do the family laundry on Wednesdays.  On the days when I am baking bread and cookies, Mrs Media helps out a lot with the task  When I'm not baking, I'll do 80% of the laundry day tasks if not more.

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Used to be solely on Sunday. Now it's as needed. 

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