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This “object” has not been defined by John Kirby.

Even though this object had been observed over Alaska 24 hours prior.

He still refuses to say if it is in fact a balloon, drone or other type of flying object. He has mentioned it is not an airplane. He also claimed it was not a spy craft.

It was shot down this afternoon at 1:45 pm EST over Northern Alaska. Canada was also tracking the craft as it flew towards the Arctic. The US considered it a threat to civilian aircraft travel as it was flying at 40,000 feet altitude. It is said to be the size of an American small car.

President Biden was informed and he gave the order to shoot it down. A pair of F-22’s surveilled it and one shot it down with a heat seeking side winder missile.

It was taken down over frozen water.

The Pentagon has had a news conference confirming the facts above!

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Oh no, the USA just cancelled Valentines day.

Poor Cupid 

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Oh and they refuse at this point to speculate on the country of origin this time!

It could be the Russkys, China or even Iran!

Gosh, Cupid or the Easter Bunny better be careful for sure! The Pentagon is getting twitchy after the AP’s criticism of their last call on the balloon!

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The White House said Friday that a 'high-altitude object' has been shot down over Alaska.

President Joe Biden ordered the shootdown, spokesman John Kirby said, adding that the origin of the object has yet to be determined.

Responding to reporters' shouted questions about the shootdown Friday afternoon outside the White House, Biden called the operation a "success."

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Good. Shoot it all down. No business in our zones 

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And this last week another balloon has been sighted off Hawaii’s coast. No one has any sense of urgency to eliminate it.

There's no reason for it to be there, especially if it doesn't have origins here. 
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