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Is it one you have purchased or one you were gifted or inherited?

I own 3:

(1) I was gifted by my great aunt to carry at my wedding.

(1) I purchased personally 

(1) I inherited from my mom, given to her by her sister.

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Yes, I own several in print form and I have even more electronic versions, along with study guides, analysis notes and interpretations from several authors, and more.

My "go-to" Bible is the NASB (New American Standard Bible), which is probably the most accurate translation from the Greek.  I used to use the print version exclusively, but I now use the online annotated NASB that has links to the Strong's Dictionary.  I like using this version because I can look up the original word in Greek or Hebrew through the Strong's link; I can then compare the root meaning to the translation in the NASB as well as other versions.  I find it interesting to see how various versions of the Bible translate the same passages.  

Some of the Bibles I have used include the KJV (King James Version), the Amplified Bible, the NKJV (New King James Version), the NIV (New International Version), the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), the NLT (New Living Translation).  All of these are now at my fingertips, along with the commentaries such as Tyndale, Spurgeon, and Matthew Henry.

[Background info that explains a bit more about why I have all these Bibles:  I attended college in Wheaton, IL (Billy Graham's alma mater), and Bible classes were required every year, so no one leaves Wheaton College without knowing a little something about the Bible.  I was a Literature Major, so I find the various translations intriguing, along with the various interpretations of Biblical passages that have been argued over for centuries.]

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Fascinating *

Can the NASB be procured free online?

If so can you provide a link, Media?


Very inspiring, Media. A well deserved best answer! 


Here is a link to a free version of the NASB:


If you are looking for online access to the source I use for my electronic versions of the Bible, it is the Olive Tree Bible app.  Here is a link to that app:

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I have 2. The one I got when I was in the army and the family bible. 

I haven't read either.


Did your armed forces supply them to the soldiers?


Yes, at our pasing out parade. I'm Catholic so I got the New Testament 

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Yes! I actually own several that are in my home library upstairs. I once had an interest in Theology. Some were inherited, some purchased. I have some really nice ones that were gifted to me, as well. I keep one in my home office too, and one in each of my outside offices.  Two I keep on the lower part of my coffee table in my sitting room.  It seems everyone I know has a Bible. They keep turning up, lol.

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We do, or rather, my husband does. He took a class on the history of early Christianity in college and so bought a copy for class. He also has two annotated copies of just Revelations and an annotated copy of the New Testament. I just reorganized our bookshelf by subject today so they have their own section.
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+2 votes

Yes ( 2 ) Both the King James Version.

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Yes! I have been gifted some and bought one. I have read the entire Bible and I attend Bible study twice a month. As soon as I finish the trilogy I am currently reading, I will study the book of Genesis through Hillsdale College online! My favorite version is the Living Bible! 

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I have read a fair amount but I don’t know how to connect certain references to prophecy.

Example: Book of Daniel, Revelation and other quoted verses that are apparently all related.

I suppose Theology students study all of this?

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Yes.  I think I have 3.

One was given to me about the time I was baptized.  

One I got from my mother when she died.

One I got from my grandfather when he died.

None of them have any obvious wear or tear or show signs of being opened.  Probably says a lot about my families religious beliefs.

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