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in Diet and Health by (3,159,530 points)

4 Answers

+3 votes

Mrs Media makes a fantastic trifle dessert.  That's my fav!

Christmas Trifle! | RecipeTin Eats

by (952,680 points)

Yes! Delicious!

+3 votes

I've been thinking about your question all day, Belle. I love food, and never limited myself. There's so many dish licking recipes I love.. With the main course dish being my dish licking  choice. No doubt my choice would be some type of a pasta dish with red sauce in a pasta bowl. Lol! I love Italian food!

by (419,290 points)
+2 votes

A good pie will do that to me.  A tangy, not too sweet rhubarb is exceptional.  

by (1,626,830 points)
+1 vote

::refraining from R-rated answer here::


by (952,680 points)

Media- Are you thinking (movie) Animal House

Sorry! LOL!


I'll never tell... bwahahahahahahaha


; )

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