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If you did, did it come true?

And if it happened more than once how did you react?

Happy, sad, scared or confused?

I’m not talking about a coincidence. But rather a full on “vision” or strong feeling?

The Leftists have left us!

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3 Answers

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NO!  I'm quite intuitive though. I have a high sense of insight. That's not the same as having premonitions which has to do with predicting the future. Some things that do happen are out of pure coincidence, or are serendipity. I pick up on the feelings of others. Sometimes it's very intense. I, also, have deep inner feelings of joy when I help people. It depends on who I'm around or the situation, but I often pick up on intense sentimental feelings. Also, there's a special feeling I get when I'm around mine or others horses. The feeling is hard to describe to others who never experienced it. It's a very deep satisfying feeling. 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I have had 4 profound ones!

Each one came on either visually or telepathically with and intense headache!

1.  One Thanksgiving afternoon at my parents, I had strong vibes “something” was wrong at home! The thoughts and each time accompanied with brain pain! I thought I would go mad. I lived only 4 miles away and went home to check on things! I had a young pup who stayed in my bathroom when I wasn’t home. I checked the condo and everything was fine until I got to the bathroom. The pup has jumped into the toilet and was trapped in cold water. He survived after a $75 emergency vet bill.

2. I had a horrible dream my grandma was dying overnight. My husband reassured me it was only a dream. My mom called me from Ohio the next day saying she had passed overnight.

3. While I was driving in Ogden canyon I had a silent message to STOP!!! I automatically put on the brakes before rounding the curve. My husband asked “What’s going on??” Then everything calmed down and I slowly rounded the curve . A huge boulder lay in our lane (bigger than the car) surrounded by a cloud of dust.

4. My boyfriend had chest pains one morning and went to the hospital. He didn’t want to scare me knowing I was at work. Again I got the extreme lightning bolt headache, the telepathy and for a kicker him laying in a hospital bed. The bed was turned at an angle. I brushed off the premonition this time. But once I got out of work I made a pay phone call the the hospital he would have gone to. Yep, he was there a candidate for surgery. When I got to the hospital the bed and room was exactly like “the vision”

No, I don’t believe in people who are doing this for entertainment and profit.

I have no idea where this gift or curse came from? And I certainly never believed in such things.  This doesn’t happen daily,weekly, monthly or even yearly. But still profound over a lifetime!


I have strong intuitive feelings. My mind is always attentive and on high alert. I feel and notice many things that others don't. Most people that know me say I'm quite deep, lol.

I noticed that your (4) experiences in your details were unfavorable ones. Please accept my sincere heartfelt condolences. (Do you ever have positive experiences in the same way)? 

You could be an empath, lady4u. Precognitive empaths have premonitions about the future in different ways. Some have them while they're awake, some while dreaming, some experiences both, with most being unfavorable. That doesn't mean you're cursed, lady4u, unless you practice and/or invite evil in. I don't practice anything that involves evil. Even so my strong intuitive feelings are not always positive, I do experience negative, but not scary negative. I  often sense strongly that something is about to happen. Predicting the future as a practice is something that does not interest me at all, nor would I attempt it, as indicated. Never ever entice evil. 


No, I reject all conjuring and divinations!

However these events happened spontaneously and infrequently.

They weren’t exactly negative but very dramatic and profound! I didn’t know what to make of them and really still don’t.

I have however learned to not ignore them as the boulder incident if ignored would have definitely resulted in our deaths considering the size and force if it giving way on the side of the huge mountain!

Also responding to my pup’s dilemma most definitely saved his life as he was wheezing already when I found him!

Emotions are complex and not often simple to understand. Our conscious perception is always going through changes whether we realize it or not. The amygdala is responsible for processing strong emotions.

Please know I wasn't presuming you practiced evil by any means I have a good feeling about you, just by getting to know you here based on your questions and answers. So, that never even crossed my strong intuition mind. Lol! I'm simply stating my own feelings based on my personal knowledge and experience.

Thank you, lady4u!

I understand. I was just stating the facts surrounding these odd events. 

My entire life has been exceptional. Lol!


Yes! Understood!

Same! Lol!

+2 votes

I have had strong "intuitive" feelings,  I suppose is the best way to put it.  There are times when in my quiet times of prayer and meditation, I feel strongly that the person who is dominating my thoughts is having certain problems or is having difficulty in particular situations, etc.  These feelings usually lead me to pray for those people and the situations I feel they are facing.  Sometimes I will call or text my thoughts, what my prayers have been, etc., and I have asked them to comment on what my intuition was.  More often than not, I hear validation.  

Do I think it's something psychic? Not at all.  I believe that sometimes our spirits are led to pray for others in particular ways, and I try to keep my mind, heart, and spirit open to be led in such ways.

There have been times, though, when I felt strongly, contacted the person, and was told, "No, nothing even remotely like that is happening."  ::shrug::  It doesn't mean I stop caring or stop carrying that person in my heart and in my prayers.

MOST of the time, though, I'm just your normal guy doing normal things.

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I knew you were going to ask this.  Hahaha

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I “knew” you were going to say this!  ; - )



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