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+2 votes

When their nose shortens? Lol! The opposite of Pinocchio?

When they pinky swear?

Or when their lips aren’t moving?

in Entertainment by (1,001,370 points)

5 Answers

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Best answer

You  cannot tell.  You know that if their lips are moving, they are mostly lying.  Even when they assure you that this time is the truth.

by (1,626,610 points)
+1 vote

LOL! All the above. 

They don't exaggerate. Plus, I'm a human lie detector, lol.

by (414,270 points)

Good for you!

My mother used to say they will lie where the truth will fit!!


Your mother is correct. 

Self-confidence many lack.

If paying attention you will see there's a moment of truth in many lies. 

+1 vote

Trust is the worst thing to lose.  Once it is lost, it is VERY tough to get it back.  There is no quicker way to lose trust than by lying.  Once a pattern of lying has been established, it becomes a matter of others simply assuming that what is said IS a lie, and when the statement turns out to be true, it comes as a surprise.  

If there are enough "truths" told, trust has the CHANCE to be earned back.  But the process is molasses-slow.  

by (949,270 points)
+2 votes

Ask Fox "news" they lie like a cheap rug.

 I think it's down to respect. Someone lying constantly to your face has no respect for you.

I have no idea what's going on with this site, I can't type on it without it jumping all over the place

by (3,157,960 points)

I don’t have that problem. Perhaps it is your computer?


I'm on my phone, I cleared out a lot so hopefully that will help. It remains to be seen.


Your answers look lined up on my end.


Yeah cause I had to delete delete delete. Everytime I typed a word it would double return.

Like this


Oh dear, perhaps if you private messaged Blue he could walk you through a solution?

I don’t know if he has time to read every single post now that he’s working again?

Perhaps a private message would “flag” his email?

He is the wizard of all things AOR related and is definitely a tech head!  ; - )


I googled a fix and I think its worked, time will tell. If not I'll ask Blue 

+1 vote

Anyone who still believes anything they hear on Fox News has lost all ability to figure it out.

ago by (1,014,560 points)

And conversely anyone who believes everything they hear on CNN, MSNBC hasn’t either! Ha!

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