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#1. Mother

#2. Therapist 

# 3. Shop owner (later in life)

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When I was growing up, my dream was to become either a professional baseball player or a professional basketball player.

To that end, I learned to do everything left-handed so I'd be better at basketball. And I tried to grow taller...

1.  Pro athlete. Dream shattered by (a) terminal shortness for the basketball dream and (b) my inability to hit Mr. Curve Ball.

2.  I then decided to be a famous actor, a leading man.  This dream tanked when I reached puberty and discovered the accuracy of the mirror.

3.  As I grew older, my dream diminished.  My dream to become a famous author blossomed.  After 34 years of teaching and 16 years of retirement, I started to pursue it.  This dream will dissolve as I do.  :-)

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1. Brain Surgeon

2. Fighter Pilot

3. Ruler of The Universe (Obviously)

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Ruler of the Universe is an interesting goal! Making any progress yet?

You’ve got AOR under wrap! ; - )


In progress. The Martians are a bit challenging!


Awww, excellent! Those Martians are cagey, but I know you are up for it!

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I absolutely believe I'd have made an absolutely amazing billionaire. An OK millionaire, and it turns out I'm an awful poor onaire.

You don't always get what you want.

by (3,157,960 points)

Perhaps you can find a pot of gold placed by the fairies?


Lady, I hate to be the one to tell you, but fairies hate me.


For real? I thought they would find you an absolute delight? They could play tricks on you and then surprise you with great fortune!

I KNOW!!!!what's not to like.

Fairies my arse. 


Lol, don’t go and pizz the wee ones off now! ; - ))


Too late.


Oh oh!


Are you at least on good terms with other wee folk?

Perhaps you can trick a Leprechaun into sharing where his pot of gold is??

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I'm living the dream (my dream) through all it's crazy challenges. I'm damn persistent to live that dream. I'm especially thankful for the gift of salvation in order to do so. I remind myself to be thankful and grateful for all things in my life; family, friends, my livelihood, and all that is good around me.  I pray daily for health and the strength to continue my journey and my purpose. Though it's not easy at times, I do my best to be the best that I can be. To be kind and to help others no matter. To understand and be reasonable. To realize that it's not all about me.. My dream now is to conitinue that path, and to see and be with my late husband again someday. 

Lastly, here's to all of us, as we continuing to  hope in the present, and in the future. 

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This thread reminded me of this great song by the Everly Brothers. I'm partial to this version by the Nylons.


Great song and version, Media. Thank you!

The power of love transcends death. Living the dream (my dream) in my answer means that I'm living my best life; achieving the goals I set out to achieve. That I'm comfortable, happy and thankful for my life, family, friends, work, etc.  The only thing missing now is my loving late husband. And, yes, I dream about him, and the love he reciprocated. Rather than unreciprocated love.  Unreciprocated love is what this song suggests. (imo). What's your take on this song, Media. Is it about dreaming about a lost love, in life or death? Or life in general?


The lyrics of the song indicate that the object of affection has either (1) not yet been attained in person OR (2) has been attained but for one reason or another (geographic separation, breakup, sudden life change, or death), the singer and the person he/she loves cannot be together.

If the former, then the singer is wishing for the relationship he/she desires with all his/her heart, but it hasn't happened yet.  He/She is hopeful, perhaps, but time is slipping away and all he/she has to show for it are the dreams.  Hope mingled with what may be a bleak future.

If the latter, then despite the distance between the singer and his/her love, the singer can always bring up the memory, the treasure, the beauty of their love whenever he/she dreams.  That's a message of hope: time and distance cannot take away our dreams and our memories that we treasure.  We may be dreaming our lives away, but what's the down side to that?  Not having those memories?  Maybe dreaming isn't such a bad alternative. :-)

Personally, I think the song may originally have #1 as its meaning, but I definitely prefer #2.  I'm a true Romantic (in the fullest sense of the term--not in the hearts and flowers sense alone), and I see nothing wrong with tempering the present with the hopes of the future and the treasures of the past that we have stored up internally.  Although the object of our love may not have a physical presence, that does not mean we withdraw or diminish that love.  Not a bad place to live, eh?


Not bad, not bad at all, Media. 

Very pleasing! I'm with you on both takes. With the latter #2 being suitable for me too.

Thank you!

: )

P.S. I'm up, maybe crossing  paths again with you. About to go exercise ride. We got over 6 inches of snow since yesterday afternoon. I'm excited to ride in it. Sweet "dreams" media.

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 1. Porn star.  Imagine getting all the sex that you can stand and getting paid for it.  Ahh, another tough day at the office.

2.. King.  Alas, you have to be born into it.

3.  Engineer.  I was.  Electronic engineer, designing computer chips.  If it wasn't for idiotic management, it was the perfect job.

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