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5 Answers

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Google that question and you’ll be amazed how quickly and accurately you will arrive at your answer.

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We have no idea.  We are all incapable of solving such high-falutin' complicated problems like the one you are posing.  Confidentially, we have very few brain cells spread around our entire membership.

Welcome, Zion!  I see you joined today!  I think you will feel right at home here!  

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Two?  Just a guess. 

by (1,626,610 points)

My guess for 1 + 1 is... uh... 11.  But that's just a guess.

Side story:  When my brother and I were pre-teens, we shared a bedroom and nightly philosophical discussions.  One of those discussions was about what to "call" various dates in history.  For example, we wondered, what would we "call" the year 2001?  Would it be "two thousand and one" or would it be "twenty-oh-one?" 

I asked my older and wiser brother (he is 10 1/2 months older than I), "What do you think they called the year "one-one-one-one (1111)?  Did they call it 'one thousand one hundred eleven; or did they call it 'eleven eleven'?"

He thought for a moment and then came up with the definitive answer: "They called it 'one-teen-oney (pronounced wunny) one!'"   ;-)  

Ya know... I think he may be right.


Lol.  You know he has a chance of being right.  Next time I run into a guy from then, I will ask.


Excellent. I'm all for it! LOL!

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IF you're having a baby, 3.

by (24,600 points)

Perhaps he is studying synergy?

Synergy is the concept that the combination of 1+1 can be greater than 2?

For example the example you gave or the combination of 2 companies having a greater production than the production of 2 separate companies?

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He say, "One and one and one is three"

ago by (1,014,560 points)

If someone is “dropping acid” this is

Very likely indeed!


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