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At the point (x, y), where x > 0, the gradient of a curve is given by

The point P(2, 1) lies on the curve.

(a) (i) Verify that = 0 when x = 2.

(ii) Find the value of when x = 2.

(iii) Hence state whether P is a maximum point or a minimum point, giving a

reason for your answer.

(b) Verify that the curve has only one turning point in the given domain.

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3 Answers

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Sounds like a graph problem to me?

Perhaps graph the information based on the course you are taking?

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Now there's a stumper...

I'll give YOU an answer if you'll show ME the work you've done so far to try to figure it out.  Be sure to include the background from the current chapter in your textbook that gives you the clues as to what formulae to use.

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It seems !ike you have given only partial information.  Like the gradient of the curve is given by .... By what?  Blank.  I just don't understand.  Probably too old for math problems.  Good luck.

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