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They range in price from $30 - 300. Before I plunk down a signficant chunck of change I want to know if they will work.

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4 Answers

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I don't know.  Infrared should just provide heat.  I like heat, but have never tried a wand.   I have a collar with infrared leds for my neck, but am not impressed.I

Good luck.

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I had an infrared sauna installed in my master bathroom 4 or so years ago. The therapy is wonderful, especially after I exercise ride/run my horses. It helps my muscles to relax. It aids in any inflammation. Definitely reduces any stressed muscles. And, I sleep amazing. My skin is flawless. I don't suffer from arthritis but I do believe it will help.

Infrared sauna heat works differently though, it has NO rays However, I do have the light therapy too as a separate option. That works by targeting different parts of the body directly,  not as a whole like the sauna. I often will target the light on my legs or back if/when needed. I don't always use it. I love the option. Also, both helped in my late husbands pain therapy when he was suffering/dying of cancer. I've never tried the wand but was actually thinking abour getting one as a small portable option for my hands. I'm sure there's different qualities out there, so be sure to check them out. Do not skimp on quality or you may be disappointed.
Bottom line I personally recommend it, it definitely helps, and it speeds up any necessary recovery time. 

Good luck to you!

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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No, I haven't.  I have arthritis (knees, hips, spine, shoulders, thumbs) that limits what I can do sometimes.  Most of the time, though, I just try to do my regular things and accept the "average pain" that goes with the arthritis.  On those days when the pain ratchets up, I will take an extra strength Tylenol.  When my back goes out, I take a stronger Tylenol, but that is a rare occasion.

If you try it, let me know what your experience is.  I've not heard much of anything about it.

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No, I haven’t. What little I have heard of them (full body sauna) etc or hand held I assumed it was a gimmick.

You know I have gone to multiple pain management doctors and rheumatologists at no time has anyone mentioned this therapy even tho they know my psoriatic arthritis is wide spread thru multiple joints in my body. My pain is intractable and constant throughout the day.

I take either hydrocodone or OxyContin pills. I am careful to use only exactly what is prescribed. The Dr writes a prescription only for a months worth and administers random drug testing. 

The Leftists have left us!

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If you read my answer, you will see that I'm pleased with many benefits that my infrared sauna has brought. The only (imo) myth that I found was that it can detox your body.  It cannot! Gimmicks/lies usually comes from generic or less quainlty products companies, who are desperate to gain sales. Which is life. However, companies with integrity who have quality products don't need to stoop so low. They have everything to gain in promoting truth. 

Infrared saunas definitely reduce ioint pain. They DO NOT fight cancer as some claim. It aids only in comforting those with cancer. They actually do improve cardiovascular health. And,  personally speaking, helps my muscles to recover after exercise riding my horses. My Infrared sauna has  improved my skin and sleep too.

Infrared saunas are NOT for everyone though. Especially, for those who can't tolerate heat and have low blood pressure, etc.. good company's will tell you that though. My physicians are all for it. On the other hand based on experience most pain management Drs love drug kickbacks. Some primary Drs too. Primary Dr pass on narcotics patients to specialized Pain Management nowadays. Most patients bring up their own ideas on drugs and/or treatments themselves. Mostly because Drs don't want to promote these things. I know this to be true because my mother was once a slave to her pain management Dr(s). The laws changed making things quite strict. We, our family, worked to wean my mother off all but one of her opiods/narcotics. She's on a weekly suboxone patch which helps. She now takes the lowest dose of Tramadol, and extra strength Tylenol for break through pain. Tramadol is her only narcotic now. She was on Oxycontin, the Fentanyl patch and hydrocodone at one time. She was totally being overdosed. Her dependance/ addiction made her think she was in more pain than she actually was. Mind you, I realize everyone's pain is different. I personally don't know the bitch of chronic pain or arthritic pain.  Hopefully I never do. Bottom line it's best not to rule out something that may help you. I suggest doing extensive research on everything to anything these days anyway. There's so much deliberate desperation out there. Obviously, making truth and quality products a focus pays off.  

The above is only food for thought. Providing my knowledge and experience is just my way of wanting the best for you! Take care!  : )


I definitely will check this option out.

I too believe Drs have an advantage of choosing Big Pharma! Most Drs will post a sign on the exterior door saying they will only see Pharmaceutical representatives one day a week say (Wednesdays for an example ) an by appointment only.

However, state and federal officials keep an eye on what these Drs prescribe and how much. In 13 yrs I have only asked for one increase in medication of hydrocodone. I weaned myself of OxyContin and subsequently went thru withdrawal. However different times in the hospital they took me off Oxycodone temporarily for a few days and I had no withdrawal symptoms.

You are correct, one’s body develops a tolerance for narcotics generally and seems to require more to get the same pain relief. I have only experienced this once in the last 8 months.

So naturally my PA took this as I had finally developed a tolerance for that medication. I don’t reject her opinion, but I also know my joints are progressively deteriorating. Not everyone who has psoriatic or osteoarthritis has the progressive form. Unfortunately I am not able to walk in a doctors office from the parking lot. So, then I use a wheelchair. Also I have foot drop in both feet which prevents me from driving a car.

I have tried multiple widely advertised biologics which are given once per month. After a period of time they eventually fail, same with arthritis pills Otezla etc. While they are advised for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis even my Dr readily admitted none of the medications really are effective in treating progressive Psoriatic Arthritis.

Thanks for your reply back.

Much of my back pain is from FBSS, failed back surgery syndrome. I had even had a Boston Scientific spinal stimulator implanted. It only resolves about 30% of my current back pain.

The future looks a little dim but I will continue with my general positive outlook!

Thanks for the quick comment!


Wow! Your health condition truly saddens me, lady4u. How much can a person take. My goodness. 

You're great! You took in my reply without taking offense. A rare trait that I appreciate. I hope that there's additional help for you out there. If not now soon. 

I'm glad you're here with us, lady4u. You add much wisdom and grace. Thank you and you're welcome. My family will add you to our prayers! I don't know your real first name. But, I'm sure God knows who lady4u is. Lol!


Well thank you for you and your family’s prayers. Yes, our God is all knowing and I do believe prayers help. They don’t always result in immediate or temporary healing which conflicts with some people’s faith. They don’t always understand the purpose of a omnipotent God depriving some believers of relief.

I am not a Catholic but often times after work I would channel surf on tv. At one time I cam across a rather sarcastic nun… Mother Angelica.

She used to have a program discussing faith in all aspects. She usually read letters from various viewers. One time read a question asking why God didn’t heal all believers who asked leaving them in intractable pain.

She simply answered Pain is sacred. And said if God didn’t spare his son on the cross is because it prepared him for his eternal life after death.

I was absolutely amazed by her answer and touched!


I agree, and well-expressed, lady4u.

We all experience pain in life one way or another.  Whether it be emotional pain, or physical pain, or both. Watching my late husband suffer with cancer was a double whammy for us. Knowing he was leaving while everyone he loved was staying was beyond emotional. Though I didn't experience his type of physical and emotional pain, the mental pain watching someone I love dearly was nonetheless painful. My pain felt different, still I felt pain in every fiber. 

No ones pain is alike. We all must walk our own journey that is planned for us. God promises a purpose. Knowing God's gifts and love is not always enough for some. They turn their backs, as you stated.  Giving up on God's purpose is something I'll never do.. 

Once again you're welcome, and thank you for sharing your pain, experience and beliefs. Enlightening!


Yes, I watched totally hopelessly my Dad died slowly of Alzheimer’s over the course of 17 years. He had amazingly bad days then amazingly good days back to back. Sometimes he would be very cognizant in the morning and by night fall need help like a young toddler finding his room/bed even his blanket!

By 3-5am he would be dressed and attempting to leave the house. He had the full strength of the 58 year old vital man he was reacting wildly like a toddler if asked not to leave the house!

I was also working 60 hours a week at the time and working the last ten hour shift on a Saturday only having one day Sunday off!

As an only child I had no support from extended aunts, uncle or cousins. But all wanted to be counted in at the reading of the will! Lol! Well, my Dad didn’t raise no fool! So in my opinion like Chicken Little, if you didn’t help bake the bread, you don’t get a slice! Lol!

Life is certainly not for the faint of heart!!!


I understand and understood that sadness and pain, lady4u. Due to both my mother in law and father in law having Alzheimers (causing dementia). Both slowly losing their mental and physical ability to do anything for themselves. Right up until they died. In the late stage both died in our home under Hospice care.  

I continue to attend monthly support group meetings at the Alzheimer Society, (the WNY Chapter). I listen to others stories, and try to help in any way I can. We have a team who run several fundraiser a year to raise money and awareness.  Fortunately, my parents are mentally sound. My father is 100 years old, and my mother 98. Both live in their own home still, with each of our family members as their caregivers. We work in shifts because we want to. They deserve our love and care. Truly wonderful hearts. Thankfully, I am not alone as you were. It takes all of us. Old age and everything that comes along with it is my parents symptoms. However, NO Alzheimers! : ) Both are smart and sharp as a tac. We have a medical team and  separate aids that come to the their home, as needed too.. My mother has to be shuttled to her pain management Dr every 3 months, though. As they don't do home or even remote visits. Opioid law or some sh*t! Ridiculous at 98 years old.

There's is, and has been many other family medical challenges in my family, as well. Life is definitely not for the weak. It's always something!

"God only gives us what we can handle"  This is often said to encourage those of us who are suffering and/or facing difficult situations. With having 1 Corinthians 10:13 in mind. “The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will NOT allow the temptation to be more than you can stand." Hence God will never give you more than you can handle. I believe also to be true, is the personal willingness to step up when or whenever needed. We made and make the difference because of our willingness to help. With that, my hats off to you, lady4u. God bless!


I used to talk out loud to God when I was alone. On a particularly hard day I might say “I know you won’t give me more than I can handle, but I really am nearing my breaking point, just so so you know!

Within 24 hours coincidentally a television program or radio station would answer that exact situation. I didn’t purposely turn on religious programming, it seemingly came as an answer out of the blue or a friend would discuss their experience and quote a Bible verse without us being on that subject! This began with  some frequency when I had deeper concerns or problems. So much of God’s purpose for us is a mystery until he reveals it!

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