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There's is no consensus on "if COVID-19 didn't happen, who would've won the 2020 presidential election?"  Therefore, it depends on who you ask. There's only opinions out there. The results stand.

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No-one won the election. It was stolen. Enough said.

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Biden. Trumps supporters didn't care about covid. They didn't care about grabby pussy man. They didn't care that he was a confidence trickster

The man said it himself, I'm paraphrasing, but he could shoot someone and not lose votes.

Therefore, he didn't lose votes, Biden just got more of them.

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I personally don’t believe Covid was the determining factor of who won the 2020 election.

There were many factors prevalent and influential in that election in my opinion.

Main stream media was definitely influential in supporting the Democrat narrative and still are. There certainly isn’t we report You decide! Although they are seriously biased in their reporting, they hold opposing disdain for any news regarding a possible opposite opinion immediately labeling the issue as “misinformation” etc. The new reporting I’m talking about are allegedly “ objective journalists not opinionated pundits.

Biden promised to bring Americans together and working “towards to salvation of the country’s soul. And pledging to be the “most transparent” administration ever!

He also promised and promoted people based on how many boxes they checked. Example: Extra liberal, giving other races preference,Kamala Harris. Alternative sexual orientation, Pete Buttiege and Admiral Rachel Levine (trans) While I have no opposition to others be properly considered for promotion, these people in particular are poor excuses for equality or as he refers to it as equity! Picking the worst qualified person based on political/ racial/ sexual orientation or gender norms do not and will not pick the most qualified candidates for the job! In my opinion.

Having a lawless, immoral society does not benefit anyone in society, and definitely not minorities in poor communities.

Nearly every foreign political decision Biden has made has ended in catastrophe!

Ex: 1: Calling out the Saudi Prince and embarrassing him on the world stage… and then later wanting the Prince to do him a favor and produce more oil! This opens the door for China and Russia to join forces with Saudi Arabia!

Ex. 2 Immediately withdrawing from Afghanistan and not securing billions of dollars worth of US hardware and Afghan interpreters who assisted our troops.

Ex.3 Involvement in Hunter’s business dealings and excepting money thru shell companies and Chinese individuals linked to the CCP. Ex. 2 & 3 weakened the US in the eyes of China and portrayed Biden as not a smart world leader but rather one who was tactically challenged and compromised and open to blackmail and owned by the communist state party.

Ex. 4. In spite of the CCP and Xi’s plan to be the leader of the world in regards to their military, Biden still wants to cut government military funding/spending. Even while at the same time China is exponentially expanding their military!

Ex. 5 Reduction of oil drilling. The US is definitely dependent on fossil fuels present and near future. We have no new immediate miraculous fuel source for Ex. Dilithium crystals (Star Trek reference lol.) And even if we did the immediate conversion costs to businesses, factories, private homes and health care facilities would be beyond reach and astronomically expensive. Yet, Biden continues to promote pie in the sky theories of wind and solar. Normal furnaces/ AC systems can cost thousands so replacing them would be an extreme expense on average home owners snd small businesses. EV cars are beyond achievable for the average voter. Big car manufacturers are reacting to Biden’s tax refund of several thousand dollars by raising their car prices exactly that amount!

Ex. 6 The Democrats have had Facebook in their direct influence during the 2020 election campaign promoting the Hillary lie that Trump was working with the Russians. That myth has since been exposed, but has there been a full explanation/ exposure on MSNBC, CNN and others???

Ex7 The Democrats staged a “made for tv event” regarding Jan 6th. Ok so you have your own opinion/viewpoint? Fine, I am good with that, but in the US you are innocent until proven guilty. Trump Republican congressional supporters were kicked off the committee except for anti-Trump Liz Chaney and Adam Kinzinger obvious Trump haters.

And finally Ex. 8 Biden’s failed foreign policy strength through appeasement. Just like Obama’s failed Red line, Biden tippy-toes around a definite stance on what he will do to assist and aid in Ukraine’s defense against the Russian’s. He isn’t totally committed to winning this war for fear of escalation or angering Putin. This is not what a true leader does! He either gets in to win it or stays out.

Now the question isn’t about Covid, it’s how much the current state of affairs affects the average voter in 2024?

And will they ever get fed up with inflation on homes, cars, food and other commodities? Or will laxer laws on crime, immigration, legalization of dope and abortion, and free checks, programs make them pull the lever for the Dems?

It could vary well be the latter!

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Well said, Lady.  You should work for Fox.  ;-)


Thanks Media it is my true opinion!

I don’t approve of Jan 6, but even a criminal deserves a opportunity for defense! When we as a country cancel another parties voice through main stream media or social we are one step closer to emulating Russia.

I recall the communist propaganda of Russian Pravda’s newspaper and acknowledge their outright disclaimers of any wrongdoing. The US instead apologizes to everyone and anybody within earshot. I don’t need a news reporter to spin this when I hear and watch our President and past President (Obama ) taking a weakened foreign policy position. It is clear other countries view us as weak by their overt actions, invading Ukraine and Crimea!

When I see essentially Conservatives solely banned on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok no one has to spin or exaggerate a 3 rd grader can put the facts together!

I have had family members of all political stripes and tho I may not agree wholeheartedly with their opinions I will stand with them till the end of time for them and yes you to have the right to say it!


@media. Love it ;-)


I'll give Lady credit for remaining active on AO-R but yeah, thanks Fox News!


Hey, Blue good to see ya! Come around more often, we miss your puns and witty answers!


Ladyness. That can be arranged.


Well, alright! Let’s get this AOR party started, then! Lol!


Oh yes! I'm so excited The Pointer Sisters can't hide it!


Thank god Trump didn't win.  

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