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But you know you would be wasting your breath.

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5 Answers

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When, I had a piece to spare! Lol!

ago by (1,001,390 points)

No, honestly, I don’t blow unless someone else directly insults me or a loved one! Then it has to be derogatory and blatant not a mere difference of opinions over touchy topics such as religion, race, politics or sexual orientations! Life is too short to take offense of others opinions. I try to take into consideration their own life journey, experiences and even what colors their feelings, emotions and past childhood experiences. Most times popular behavior and beliefs have their origins somewhere.

If it is an outright personal insult or veiled vague insinuation always ask what was meant rather than making yourself look overly reactionary if if is quickly taken back as a misunderstanding or joke.

Some folks are very insecure and don’t take jesting well at all. I have learned this lesson myself well over the years. Now, I typically don’t joke/jest anyone who I don’t know well!

You don’t have to take anyone’s bs, put downs or insults even family. Don’t let family pressure you into taking an older, brother,sister or cousin’s leveled attacks to keep the peace!Put them in their place while attempting to not simultaneously making an as* out of yourself by going into a rage, cursing, pounding the table or getting irrationally loud! Nothing would please your adversary more. You must realize they plan ahead for these show downs while you are none the wiser when they ambush you! If it is a family member just know this may be a repeated pattern over your life and senior family members may have turned a blind eye to their behavior for years!

+2 votes

When something continues to weigh on my mind, that's when I like to clear my mind of that mental weight. Even if I'm wasting my breath, the fact that I expressed what I need to say is a benefit that I call relief. *sigh* 

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Most of the time, I simply sigh and save myself the aggravation. However, there are times when there is more than just "giving someone a piece of my mind" involved.  It's more like a matter of feeling that I have an obligation to set the record straight.  Most of the time, it's a matter of making sure that the truth is at least heard.  In many of THOSE cases, I know what I say will make ZERO difference to the person to whom I speak; it's said to make a difference for the OTHERS who hear it.

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I do it straight away, the moment it rears its head I push it back down again then move on.

I don't let someone else's b.s. live in my head, no one will put me down to make themselves feel better.

It's  not as if I have to deal with it constantly, not when every body knows the rules.

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Most people are at least as opinionated as myself.  And as hard headed.  So arguing is non productive and leaves me upset.  So, I try not to.

Besides, I only have a piece of my mind left.

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