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I cant even relax. When I try I always need to go pee. I'm a slave to my bladder.

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Sure.  I have always been able to empty my mind.  As I get older, it is much easier.  Less mind to empty.  Lol

As a school age person, they called it day dreaming.  But I just empty my mind and let it soar.  When I come back, I cannot even say where I have been.

No chanting required.

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Take it easy on drinks with caffeine: Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages!

I seemed to need to pee constantly when my sugar was high. I nearly wore out the carpet to the bathroom. The Dr found my elevated blood sugar when I was in the hospital for another reason. They gave me insulin, changed my diet and got my numbers down prior to leaving the hospital.

I cut all the sugars, desserts etc. They gave me a insulin monitor and I took my reading 2x a day! Eventually I eliminated pre-packaged food, got serious about reading labels, and limiting serving sizes. Monitoring carbs and dropping 67 lbs in 2 years!

Good Luck!

I can seldom successfully meditate now that I have such bad chronic pain. When in reality that is exactly what I need!

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I used to fall asleep at my desk due to heavy duty meds. The management were not impressed!

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I'm not sure about "meditating."  I can relax and gather my thoughts.  I can't do it ALL the time.  It depends on how pressing the moment is, how momentous the anxiety and stress are.  MOST of the time, though, I can pull it together.  I close my eyes, quite frankly, and pray.  I ask for wisdom, patience, and strength.  I ask to be calm.  I feel the strength from outside of myself and tap into that.  I take some deep breaths, and then open my eyes and keep the faith.

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I don't meditate but I have a special time and place that I look forward to every evening. That's my bedroom. My bedroom is set up for cozy comfort. I have these beautiful timer candles in random areas of my room that go on the same time everyday. They stay on for 5 hours then shut off automatically. I put my gas fireplace on low. My bed is rigged with welcoming cozy bedding to snuggle up too. In the background I have Seascapes/Chill Out Music. There's several very long tracks to choose from. So, I pick one on YouTube that I personally like. I sometimes have a small cup of Celestial Sleepytime Tea, or I log onto AR-O while snuggling in on my cloud.. All the above helps me to relax. Feeling content is what I strive for. I'm not one to stop thinking, nor do I want to, so meditation is not what I seek. I pray every night before sleep too. May I suggest that you don't put too much pressure on yourself, Belle. Give yourself permission to just let things go until the morning.  

I find certain foods make me "pee" too. So I try to avoid bladder irritants after 6pm. There's medication to help with frequent urination. Oxybutynin is one of them. It come in a pill or patch form. Maybe that's something you may want to consider. The patch is better option if pills bothers your stomach. 

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