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Have you bought it yet or been gifted it?

Mine is “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens

Has anyone read this book yet? I’ve was gifted it for my birthday!

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5 Answers

+3 votes

Flesh House by Stuart Macbribe

It's a cop v serial killer story but is based Aberdeen Scotland and I recognise the area which is accurate although the story is fiction.

I've started it but I'm only at chapter 3..

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Oooh, sounds fascinating!

+2 votes

To answer your second question first, yes, I've read it.  You'll like it!

I've been reading the Catherine Coulter series of A Brit in the FBI books, and I'm just into the second one, The Lost Key.  It's not heavy reading at all, and I'm ready for a "mind break."

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I am currently reading "Octavius and the Perfect Governess" and just finish a trilogy prequel, (The Rising, The Regime and The Rapture ) a real page turner! I have several books left in my Kindle plus in my Google Playbooks and 3 actual hardbound books. I am not sure which one I might read next. 

No, I haven'r read the Crawdad book yet!

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I haven't read a book in about 30 years. Give me a technical challenge and I'll be up all night on The Net.

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My neighbor brought me over some healthy baked banana oat muffins, and a paperback book to read called "The Barn" An Extraordinary True story by David Hill. She often brings me books she enjoyed. It's a true life thriller, so I'm looking forward to reading this evening. I hope I enjoy it. Sounds intriguing. 

I have not yet read yet "Where the Crawdads Sings."

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