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If a girl ask a guy to stop talking to her but he doesnt agree and still keeps talking and trying to talk, what does it mean? Why do this ?

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5 Answers

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It seems as if he may have some mental infirmity that will not allow him to either comprehend the request or the mental discipline to keep his lips from flapping.  Dealing with the continued flappadoodling?  Ignore completely.  Do not look, do not speak, do not slow the pace of your walking, and do not pass "Go."

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It means he doesn’t respect her “boundaries.!”

That is a characteristic of a Narcissist.

That makes about #10 for him! Lol!

by (1,048,850 points)

What you 3 have in common!

Dony thinks Robert wil weaken and accept a relationship with her.

Robert thinks Dony will weaken and accept a sexual relationship only. No commitment.

You think when he’s done with Dony he will change and want a relationship with you!



And No!

Not gonna happen, pure wishful thinking not reality!!!

You don’t have to be a soothsayer to see this!


He gets nothing from dony. He doesnt need to be around her?

We had sex, lots of texting and hes been to my house multiple times lol @dony 


He obviously gets something from Dony that you can’t comprehend.

It’s no use explaining to you.

If he doesn’t he wouldn’t continue to talk to her at all.

You are so dense about men’s egos!

You expect everyone to be logical except for you.


Wat do you think he gets from her? Stop using narc because its making no sense?


Well he is a Narcissist.

That is why you don’t understand him after 2 years of basically asking the same questions day after day after day.

Your refusal to accept his personality disorder is why he seems to illogical.

Narcissists are very illogical and do the same pattern of behavior over and over again out of habit.

They are either unable or unwilling to change.

Therefore they keep experiencing the same exact outcome. This increases their frustration but instead of giving up they redouble their habitual behavior, never learning from their failures.

They are often successful in other areas of their life however convincing themselves and perhaps others they don’t have a “personality problem” when in fact they do!

Your dismissal of Narcissism in his case, doesn’t change the fact that he is!

You simply expect him to change behaviors when he either won’t or can’t!

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I would say he's unable to respect boundaries and she's unable to enforce them.

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Men are taught from an early age to be persistent, and go after what you want. However, when a woman says "Don't talk to me", they think persistence will "win her over". Unfortunately, it doesn't. It wastes a lot of the man's time, and highly irritates the woman. 

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Great to see ya back!

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I agree with A1.

Also this is what's known as never give up. Which can be good or in this case not so much. If the dude was chasing a goal at work or a gold medal at the Olympics it's a different story.

Men are also told big boys don't cry from an early age then asked why they never show emotion when all grown up.

The BS never ends.

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