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+2 votes

What does the British public think about that possibility?

in In the News by (1,048,850 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

I haven't been invited so I'm a bit put out to be honest.

by (4,337,411 points)

I am amazed to be honest!

Certainly you can locate a Mountbatten or Windsor in your family tree somewhere?

This is an outrage and tremendous oversight!

+1 vote

I couldn't care less. I know The King has said Harry doesn't need to swear fealty, which all Dukes do at the coronation 

by (3,170,390 points)
+1 vote

I highly doubt they'll be there. 

by (1,239,310 points)

Harry was indeed in attendance. But he didn’t not participate in the formalities as he is not a working royal.

He basically left immediately after the formalities were finished.

Meghan stayed stateside with her children.

I can't lie, I wasn't convinced either would attend. There was a lot of friction between them and the family. 

I am thinking Harry still wants something.

He knows by not going to the coronation it might be the ultimate deal breaker.

Harry needs counseling to deal with his prolonged pain of his mother’s death!

No amount of his drama and blaming will bring her back.


I did see their documentary on Netflix. While familiar with Diana's passing, I don't know much else about the dynamics. 


It’s quite the dysfunctional mess, all the way around!


Sounds like it! 

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