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Is he going to receive any semblance of a trial in Russia or will they put him automatically to the firing Squad?

Brittney Griner was only charged with a marijuana vape cartridge?

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2 Answers

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Who does the U.S. have in custody for a swap?

He won't get a fair trail because nobody does in Putinland.

by (3,170,390 points)

Eventually Sergey Cherkasov?

The Putin has declared him an enemy of the Russian state. A typical Russian ruse to try and acquire the return of their agents in the past?

+2 votes

Nobody ever gets a fair trial in Russia.  They already decided that he is guilty.  Facts don't matter.  He is just trading stock.

But we should send trumpsky to go negotiate.  If the russians keep him we don't care.  Lol

Even though trumper is a terrible negotiator it might work.  Putin likes the guy, he sucks up well.  And if putin would give up the guys then biden would look bad and trumper would look good.  That is the sort of divisiveness that putin craves and trumpsky enjoys.

Otherwise, I think the poor guys are there until putin dies. The new guys in the Kremlin might release him as a humanitarian jesture.

by (1,633,370 points)
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