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Because when I try to correct it returns and returns ubmntill there is loads of blank page 

I knoI've got some comments to reply to but I've tried and it's just to frustrating w 

What you see here is what's happening to me on this site

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1 Answer

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Have you been eating crackers over your keyboard?

Perhaps something is lodged under your keyboard or return key?

That’s all I can think of?

No one else is having that problem!

Sorry it is happening to you!

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,044,210 points)

I'm on my phone, there isn't a keyboard. I just cant work out wtf is going on


Funny, it looks completely normal now!


I do not have this problem elsewhere. Its just on AOR. I've no idea why


It's looking normal because it's short retorts.

I've tried to respond to comments on your Coronation Q which requires a longer answer. Its so frustrating lady. My 16 year old great nephew is coming on Saturday. I'handing it over to himm 


You must give an offering to the”sprites” according to my grandmother! Lol!


You’re replies looked fine on my 2 coronation posts! Lol.

It’s just when you post yourself that it ends up all sideways!

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