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He was chosen because President Bush I wanted a Black who was conservative.He was very closely the only US Supreme Ct Justice rated "unqualified" by the US Bar Association. He never tried a case before a judge. His nomination was marred by allegations of sexual harassment of an employee. His votes are always conservative. Until recently he asked no questions of the litigants of the cases before the Court.

Why should he have a memorial? What has he done that was so great?

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Probably the same reason he's building a 77 vehicle parking garage on his property..just because he can. I read that the statue would be part of Crow's collection known as Crow’s “garden of evil.” The sculpture garden is actually on and maintained right at his Dallas, Texas estate. Crow's point apparently is to have representations of many of the most infamous dictators and authoritarians of the 20th century. 

Money, ah yes, the root of all evil, which can often leads to many unethical things. Things that actually do not posses any real intrinsic/essential value. It's just another perfect example of pure greed.

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Oh yeah, this morning I found out they also put in a brand new car port parking lot so visitors can drive up ONE AT A TIME to view the memorial. I guess they weren't expecting very many visitors. lol

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