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NATO have said Ukraine will eventually join, this is a Red Line with Putin who has China's support.

Time to look out our lead lined knickers I think 

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2 Answers

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China definitely wants to become the worlds #1 superpower.

That includes nuclear superiority, economic superiority,educational superiority, militarily superiority through air, naval and army buildup.

The simultaneous construction of islands to base military operations isn’t accidental.

Development of partnerships with Russia, Arabia, Iran, India and North Korea isn’t accidental either.

Development of the yuan to overtake US  world currency isn’t incidental either !

This is all by design!

Meanwhile concentrating on developing of Lithium mining for EV’s in China and Africa has real problems for the US!

Also being the main manufacturer of many of our most critical pharmaceuticals has been in the works to dominate the US in a medical crisis.

Yes, I would say China definitely has ulterior motives and Taiwan is most immediately in their cross hairs due to Taiwan’s chip manufacturing.

Just my silly humble opinion! Lol!

Edit to add:

If there is a war China will undoubtedly start it with attempting to take Taiwan.

China has said they own Taiwan! Russia will not initially outright attack Taiwan but assist China if asked!

China currently has a larger Navy than the US. The US does not currently have any military bases in Taiwan a definite disadvantage!

The Leftists have left us!

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And China could technically take over Taiwan before Biden gets out of bed in the morning! Errr … afternoon! lol!

+1 vote

I didn't think Putin was stupid enough to start a war. So yes, expect the worst case scenario.

Life is what you make it.

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