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I find it sad but there might be some truth to the saying, "Go woke, go broke".

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Bb&B followed a dinosaur of a business model in my opinion.

Relying on too many physical retail products to spur sales.

While certainly giving a impression of having everything, excess back room inventory becomes a horrible quagmire requiring more retail workers to organize and manage daily/ weekly/ monthly. This happening while nearly every physical store is vastly reducing in store inventory and reducing labor!

The real key to having a successful retail operation is being able to change priorities with the current times. The retail focus for years has swung to e-commerce, that is online sales.

BB & B’s crowded sales floor frequently frustrated the stop and shop retail customers as the items “on display” often were not conveniently available on the sales floor and often required a store associate to go on a half hour treasure hunt for that exact item in the back room! Argh!

Then too, damaged items were often repackaged into original packaging allowing for the next customer to get home with a damaged comforter etc. This really upset the customer whose time is MONEY!

Compounded by BB & B’s constant “coupons off” reducing monthly/ yearly profit margins.

Companies sadly never listen to their frontline employees disregarding instead  what they say about customer concerns and complaints. They would rather “call in” Earnest & Young and pay the multiple millions after “the fat lady” finished singing! Lol!

Yes, the “Woke Agenda” is really the last of our concerns when buying retail replacement products!

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's U.S. arm said it will be laying off 5% of its workforce, which will affect around 3,000 of the company's U.S. employees. The news comes less than a week after the unit's objection torpedoed the global accounting giant's plan to break up its audit and consulting units.

How ironic??


Great informative answer lady4U! Thank you!


Thank you!


You are welcome, lady4U!

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I did see some Ivanka Trump products in their stores, ponygirl. But, honesty, I don't  know if they actually put politics ahead of quality products or not. And, if they did I didn't realize it. They always had a variety of product choice that I remember. I'll have to read up on this. IMO it's never a good idea every to mix politics with business. Politics and religion will forever be controversial subjects. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, ponygirl. I'm quite the busy girl these days, lol.

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You are welcome, SandyGirl!! I have shopped there online and in person and I hate to see them go. 

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I am always sad about someone going broke.  But it didn't surprise me.  I shopped there from time to time.

Part of the problem was those coupons.  Their store was a long ways from where I live and I would never drive down  for something on the coupon.  Most everything else was too high priced for me.  I know that their business model was to suck me into the store with a good sale item and hope that I will impulse buy a lot of overpriced stuff that I didn't want.  It didn't work for me, and apparently no one else either.

At least the store that I went to, liked to stack stuff all the way from the floor to the ceiling, and then not employ enough people to help me find anything.  I had to spend much too long looking for something, then looking for an employee, then both of us looking for what I wanted.

Then, you had to endure checkout.  They had a very confusing path to the only cashier.  Who always seemed like it was either their first or last day.  They either didn't know what they were doing or didn't care.  If you want to sell stuff, you need to have some employees.  Unless you are walmart who has convinced the public that they should be checkers and baggers for free.

It was a painful place to shop.  I have better options.

Another point for stores in general.  They need to have people who can answer questions about things.  For example.  There are two similar items, different prices.  Tell me about them.  Why should I buy one over the other?  "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer.  Telling me to look it up is not acceptable.  And finally telling me that the one that I want is out of stock but that they can order it is unacceptable.  I can order it, and have it delivered..  Several local stores are going to fail because of that.  I tried to buy a riding lawn mower from a local store but they would not deliver.  I didn't want to drive it home.  I bought it from the next city.  Same price, free delivery.  Should be in my driveway next thursday.

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Thank you!! The Bangor store I went to was ok but like you said, not easy to find things. I am not a big shopper but when in Bangor, I almost always stopped by.

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For me, their stuff was hiighly overpriced. I could find the same stuff for less everywhere else. There was little to no merchandise in there that kept me going back beyond a novelty item. But a lot of brick and mortar retailers are facing a reality of downsizing the physical inventory for the online marketplace. I hear Walmart will convert some of their locations to pickup only. 

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