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See that blond woman? Is it Mica? Why doesn't her face move? You couldn't let the bairns watch could you? 

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5 Answers

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This is what I have found online!

MSNBC launched in 1996 as an all-news channel. By the mid-2000s, it found its groove as a progressive-based news outlet and had much success in the process. Under new management, the network removed many of the progressive-themed shows in 2015 and centered itself as an all-news channel, though the network retains a center-left political position in its primetime shows and prominently features center-right hosts in its daytime programming, most notably Morning Joeand Deadline: White House.

NBC is about news, sports, and entertainment and is available over the air via antenna in the US. CNBC is about business news in the daytime and shows that cater to investors during primetime hours. MSNBC is about global and national news in the daytime and political commentary in primetime.

Mika’s face doesn’t move possibly due to Botox! Many news anchors use Botox to disguise aging. Botox can cause the face to stay in a “fixed” position!

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Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski Scarborough (Polish, Brzezińska; born May 2, 1967)[3] is an American  talk show host, liberal political commentator, and author who currently co-hosts MSNBC's weekday morning broadcast show Morning Joe!

She is married to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s MORNING JOE!

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MSNBC is generally known as a left leaning news station, and is international. They advertise themselves as ‘The Place for Politics.’ 

MSNBC is owned by NBC Universal so they naturally feed off each other.

The NBC network, as advertise, is known to have more colorful news, targeting more local content. However, though they tend to tilt left, they do proudly seek an all sides content.

Reuters is the best unbiased news source available for those looking for no click-bait article titles. If that's what your looking for in a news station, that is. Their journalists focus on fact-based coverage giving a well-rounded view. Available locally and internationally.

Definitely, way too much BOTOX, is the answer to your back up question, Belle. LOL!

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but never give it to the bairns...

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The difference? One is all the way left, the other is probably moderate left. Under the same umbrella. 

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MSNBC is definitely a "lefty" channel. All its female anchors are pro-choice feminists and Joe Scarborough who used to be a Paleo-Tory is obliterating Trump every chance he gets. Its a good thing too. Fox News needs a counterbalance.

CNN is a "lefty" channel too but they do invite conservatives on their channel to debate.

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I fail to understand why women insult other women for wearing makeup or using botox. It doesn't do anybody any good.

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