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Hiding from his civil rape case. Coward.

The man baby always plays to type. 

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There is no requirement that the accused be physically at a civil trial.  And in trumpskys case, if he were called as a witness, he would lie anyway.  

I don't suppose that there is anything that we could do to have Scotland keep him.  Hard to believe that he is opening another golf course.  The ones that he has all lose money.

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Nooo Scotland hated trump before it was fashionable. The worst thing is, he stepped off the plane and said "it's good to be home"

This ain't your home fat boy, you're very truly not welcome. 

It's like that stuff that comes out of America we could do without.

Like, jeans hanging of the arse and everyone calling everyone Bro.

Baby showers and gender reveals. Proms, there was never Proms, now it costs a bloody fortune. 

We got good things aswell :-)

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Here’s what I found.

While not completely ruling out Trump’s presence at the trial, attorney Joe Tacopina asked the presiding judge to tell jurors that the Republican’s absence from the courtroom was intended to avoid logistical burdens that New York City and the court system would face if Trump were present.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday. Tacopina said  jurors should be told that Trump’s “presence is excused unless and until he is called by either party to testify.”

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What logistical burden do you think travelling to Scotland then Ireland would bring?

My knowledge of geography is poor but I'm pretty sure Scotland is further away from NY than Florida is. Maybe not right enough, America is massive


Allegedly he is “opening” a new golf course there?

Unless I read it wrong?

If a person believed someone was accusing them of a falsehood, perhaps they would get away as far as possible?

I know I would…lol!


Nope, if I was being wrongly accused I would sure as hell be there in person to challenge my accuser. I wouldn't run if I was guilty either, I'm not a coward. 


Good for you!


I don't think that the judge went along with the excused idea.  Trumper doesn't have to be there but he is not excused.  

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I'm sure there will be some good excuse that fails a fact check.

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