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John Durham concluded today the FBI never vetted the Russian collusion hoax and the investigation should have never been brought by the FBI into Trump on that matter.

The FBI went further swearing the Russian collusion was valid before the FISA court!

How many liberal hoaxes have you fallen for??

How many recent mainstream media hoaxes did you fall for?

  • Russian collusion 
  • Jussie Smollett
  • Bubba Wallace garage pull
  • Covington kids
  • Kavanaugh rape
  • Trump pee tape
  • COVID lab leak was a conspiracy theory
  • Border agents whipped migrants
  • Trump saved nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago
  • Steele Dossier
  • Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation
  • Trump built cages for migrant  kids
  • Cloth masks prevent COVID
  • If you get vaccinated you won't catch COVID
  • SUV killed  parade watchers
  • Mostly peaceful protests
  • Trump overpowered secret service for wheel of "The Beast"
  • Officer Sicknick was murdered by protesters

The Leftists have left us!

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5 Answers

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Ah right, that'll be the enquiry carried out by a Trump DOJ. 

To every thinking person alive that enquiry is as good as asking the fairy's to take a look.


Actually John Durham has a reputation as being unbiased. Both political parties typically thought he was “by the book” at the time.

Considering what was at stake affecting a sitting President… John Durham has done Trump no favors dragging out this investigation for 6-7 years.

A pretty lack luster conclusion considering the charges to be false!


Yes, and  all that was said about Mueller who found there was collusion and Russia interfered in the election to Trumps advantage.

Of course the MAGA Republicans blew that off and hand picked someone to agree with them

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Here is the report containing a link to the Durham Report from NPR.

I would argue that a number of the "hoaxes" listed were not what one would consider a "Hoax."  A "hoax" is "something intended to deceive or defraud."  I would suggest that several of the reports by the mainstream media were not actually intended to deceive, even though there is no doubt that many were deceived by the reports.  And to their credit, the "mainstream media" did not hold fast to their initial reports in many of those cases as new information became available. 

P.S. The Mueller Report already told us that there was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians who tried to sway the election.  While the Russians DID contact members of the Trump campaign committee, Mueller reported there was no collusion.  Further, it should be noted that Durham brought two charges but was unable to garner convictions on either of them.  Additionally, he reports that he did NOT find evidence of any corruption in the FBI.  He said there were mistakes made, but none were due to corruption.

Finally, the Wisconsin "SUV kills parade watchers" hoax was one that was posted on Twitter and went viral, intentionally mis-identifying the name of the driver on a Sunday night.  The next morning, NBC published the name of the actual driver.  I would say that calling any Twitter post a "mainstream media" hoax is a bit of a stretch.  Most people think of the established media news outlets when they talk about "mainstream media:"  NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, New York Times, Washington post, etc.

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At least 5 killed after SUV plows into Wisconsin holiday parade


Wisconsin Christmas Parade: 5 Dead, Over 40 Injured After SUV Plows Into Crowd

Christian Farr- NBC NEWS 

You've demonstrated by two headlines that five people were killed.  Five people WERE killed.  So... uh... where's the hoax YOU are talking about?  The Twitter post I was talking about was the "hoax" wherein the post claimed the driver of the SUV was supposedly Sam Hyde rather than Darrell Brooks.  Fox News blasted CNN for saying that a "car" killed the people and the New York Times for saying an "SUV" killed the people--instead of saying the name of the person who was driving the vehicle.  I'm not sure I can see any "hoax fingerprints" on this story...

I mean, let's face it: it would be a rather ridiculous headline to write "Wisconsin Christmas Parade: 5 Dead, Over 40 Injured After [MAN] Plows into Crowd"  

Also... please note that the first headline you posted was published before the name of the driver had been released.  NBC printed the name of the driver (Darrell Brooks) on Monday 23rd.  Blasting the outlets for not printing "a person of interest" or "some guy with bad intent"... seems a bit petty, don't you think?


Actually, i would argue that most of the example are not hoaxes.  A lot based on a kernel of truth.  But one thing that I have learned is never to argue with idiots on the internet.  Durham was a right wing toady appointed to find no dirt and spend a few million dollars, i wonder how much ended up in his pocket, and spread mud evenly over any facts.  After milking the job for all it was worth, and waiting until no one cared about the result, he decided that it was time to fold his tent and slink away.  Good job, well done.

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Actually, most conspiracy theories have absolutely no facts to back them up in the first place. People fall for them because they fall perfectly into their narrative of thinking even when fictional? With that, it's not easy for us soldiers who seek nothing but the truth these days. Sheesh, wouldn't it be nice if there was a conspiracy that actually unites humanity instead of dividing it?! Ummm, just a craZy dream I had. 

: /

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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You can't beat a good headline. The news will push what people want to read about and what gets them ratings. Even the word BeLIEve has a lie in it. Yeah the radical left is pretty radical.

Life is what you make it.

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You must have read a different report than I did.  Durham proved nothing, in effect proving it was not a hoax.

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