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That turns out to have been nothing other than they were followed?

Megan the perpetual victim and poor Harry possibly triggered due to how his Mother died.

Can we send more Royals over...please!!!

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Pure Rubbish!

Harry and Me again evidently aren’t getting enough royal treatment here in the US!

So they pull another headline grabbing gambit.

Perhaps hoping that pulling “the victim card” will make them the latest liberal elite flavor of the month for mainstream media.

Well, it’s certainly worked as they have grabbed all of the media’s short attention span.

Just what narcissists need and demand, attention!

Oh, please don’t send anymore we have enough elites here in the US vying for media attention!

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But they are more fun over there.


He was very young when his mother died and probably didn’t have the coping skills at that tender age to deal with her loss.

No two siblings are treated exactly the same even in a large family.

Sibling rivalry is prevalent in even the best families.

He definitely seems to have Diana’s personality and sensitivities.

The tell all book is either a means to tell his side of his story, a means of inacting revenge, or a narcissistic means of garnering attention and admiration. In any respect it shows some emotional wound that has never healed and until he gets appropriate counseling and healing he will continue to “act out” in this regard indefinitely!



I agree to all you wrote here. I also think that Megan knows this and set out to get him mirroring his mother. I believe she saw a weakness and exploited it.

The biggest tell with her is, she never thought of her black side until she met the Royal Family. Well I say  with no apology that she is American and  lying because she couldn't not be aware of BLM and the unnecessary deaths of Black people by police. Or at the very least, the racism that exist in the U.S.

She will never convince British people that she didn't google the Royal Family or her declaration that she knew nothing about Harry.

And after all I said here, thanks America, they are yours to keep  xx


Me agin is totally self absorbed, its all about her.

No doubt she has sown the seeds of vile once she realized Harry would never ascend to the throne.

Every American girl want to be a princess when she is very young. Most of us bought into the Cinderella and Snow White fantasy as a child.

The Royal Family are all about keeping up appearances and all that blue blood, blood line.

A stupid imbecilic remark made to Harry about the child’s skin tone was just that imbecilic! Not necessarily definitely racist. Harry should have rebuked the family member who brought it up and told to never mention that again. Instead he repeats the insult to Meghan!!  I believe all black folks have a sensitivity to racial remarks regardless of how they are meant! 

I think Me agin quite possibly didn’t read up on the line of succession of the crown and most likely assumed it to be passed on by birth order of Charles sons. I think most Americans would assume that. I think she got the “glad eye” when she began dating the Prince…

No one wold think it would automatically go to Williams heir first regardless of age! I am assuming Harry might stand-in in the eventual death of his father and brother if William’s children were underage?


If William dies while  George is still under 18 then George will acend to the throne but the British Parliament would approve a Regent until George is old enough .

Harry and his kids are too far removed from the Crown, his move to the U.S. doesn't affect the succession, William has produced enough heirs that Harry has no route to the Crown. 


Could Harry sue to be the regent in British court?


No I don't think so. Its the Parliament that choose the Regent

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