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but his legs were not standing upright, but bent over perpendicularly at the waist, to the right or left at 90 degree angle, would he weigh the same as if he was straight up and down?

In other words, does shifting your weight affect what the scale shows?

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6 Answers

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Not supposed to.  It measures mass under the force of gravity.  The shape of the mass isn't supposed to matter.  In reality, it probably will because of cheap scales. 

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The weight is the same no matter how it is positioned.  If I stand on one foot, I'm not lighter.  If I stand upside down, I'm not lighter.  The part(s) of my body that touch the ground bear all of the weight, whether that's on one foot, one finger, on my head, or on all fours.  

If the scale doesn't have the same reading for each position, there's a fault in the scale.

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I wish it did. But that's cheating anyway.

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Not unless you are in the process of moving erratically.Once you are  in a still position it will register your total body weight.

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It's a wee shit, it will show your true weight give or take an ounce or so. Believe me, I've tried.

I didn't actually stand on my head but I've moved the bathroom scales around to every single inch of my home convinced they are wrong.

I have a love hate relationship with my scales but my new ones are on the same page as me. They can stay.

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Actually, it depends on the scale used. Digital scales can be manipulated to fluctuate weight. Even stepping on the scale to heavy, or too light, for that matter can fluctuate weight. Those scares that use batteries too can produce random results with different movements if the batteries aren't fresh. On the other hand, analyser scales are known as the most accurate, but still have mechanisms that can go wrong. However, the mechanical physician's scale that you see in Dr's offices cannot be manipulated no matter what crazy position you're in. LOL!  

People tend to breath deeper and hold their breath when getting on a scale to weigh themselves. Best to let out all your air before then step on the scale. Air has mass therefore has weight. 

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give you a 10 for this answer.


Sandygirl RE "However, the mechanical physician's scale that you see in Dr's offices cannot be manipulated no matter what crazy position you're in."

So in a physicians scale, even if I was leaning against a wall while I was being weighed, it still wouldn't affect the result?


Thank you, BLUE!  : }


LOL! Actually, my answer given was provided by and based on your details regarding shifting weight while already on the scale (90 degree angle, vs straight up). With that the Dr's office scale would give the most reliable and accurate reading. There will be no learning on the wall at Dr's office, though I'm sure some have tried. Ha!

Obviously, not standing right on a scale will give mismeasurements, as I indicated in my above answer. I've stood on my toes before and that even distorted my weight. No matter it's  about position control. Plus,, quality scales matters. 

Thanks for your interesting question, and comment. The visual of both made me a smile. 

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