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I haven't heard from her over a month now, and apparently she was upset that I wasn't checking on her but using her. I never thought i was using her, because we use to always help each other. Everytime I text to her she never responds,  or even answer my phone calls. And just two days ago my mother posted my daughters picture, and she commented on it like is she ok? she's moving weird.

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3 Answers

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You can't force people to stay in-touch. Invest your time with someone who wants to.

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She has dropped out of your life. Period!

Best friends don’t do this to best friends!

Obviously you think more of her than she does you.

Take the hint!

Don’t contact her anymore!

Let her come to you!

Depending on her explanation and length of time, you can choose whether to except her back.

But don’t be the least surprised if she does this same exact behavior again.

Make a new best friend!

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That's good advice.


Everyone has to learn this lesson sometime.

If any relationship becomes one sided , then there is only one person working to keep the relationship!

Definitely not emotionally healthy for the one doing all the work!

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I'm having an issue with my bestie too. She's attacking me at weird times, and accusing me of stuff I didn't do. Its weird.

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Have a heart to heart if this happens. Best friends don’t treat best friends this way!

Sometimes people are guilty of the exact behavior they project upon another.

No one should put up with accusations that aren’t true.. that’s abuse!

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