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My baby father said I'm a bad mother, and I never satisfy him after all what I went through raising up my child. And i tried to make effort after getting back with him and now I'm finally done with him. My question is why he would say I'm a bad mother   

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4 Answers

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The truth is, without knowing it's impact, we teach people how to treat us. People will only get away with what we let them. Therefore, we must be careful what we tolerate. 

Good for you for moving on. Now the challenge will be not going back for more of the same mental abuse. No doubt he may apology going  forward, because he sees you're not putting up with his crap. Accepting an apology sometimes makes us vulnerable to the same abuse again. Forgiveness is good but never ever forget.

My best to you!

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Thank u smile  


You're welcome!

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Look back at all your questions that you have posted here.

Obviously you have a pattern of putting up with other people’s shite!

Baby Daddy, bfs, casual dates, even supposed “best friends”

You need a serious break in all this nonsense and as you reread these posts ask yourself why do all these people use you as their personal door mat?

Most likely because you don’t associate with a nice group of people and settle for the dregs of society!

If you want a better class of associates you need to go where there aren’t a parade of takers, users and fools!

When you hang out in a higher class setting you won’t attract the scum you have attracted like a magnet!

Read up on self esteem and how to improve yours, next develop some real boundaries that you decide straight up are “ deal breakers”, look back at your childhood/teenage years. Be honest with yourself if your home life was mentally or verbally abusive.

You are bound to be the perpetual victim if you keep allowing people to mistreat you!

They can’t continue to mistreat you without your permission! If someone is definitely toxic, they don’t deserve 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances to return and abuse you more!

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Yh I'm tired of him always putting me down


When your actions match your words you can have great self esteem. If you are always being the people pleaser, the takers, users and fools will always line up to take advantage of you.

There isn’t any doubt that users, takers and fools look and scan their environment for submissive, clingy needy women.

Hold your head high, kick the users, takers and fools out of your life. What you be left with is peace, harmony and self respect. Not a bad trade!

You can do it, you just have to want something different.

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same treatment!

Best wishes!


Can u imagine he unfollowed me on tiktok and then followed me back again and sent me message request.


Absolutely I can manipulators manipulate!

You are definitely defenseless to ignore him and permanently block him!

This is why he treats you so badly, you don’t have any normal boundaries and will put up with his nonsense.

Simply put. You always have, so he thinks you always will?

Am I wrong?


No he unfollowed again and I blocked him


Good keep him permanently blocked!

He may apologize, carry on etc.

Don’t let him in again or next time will be worse.

These guys can become physically abusive if they think the female will put up with it!

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Sandy and Lady have given you outstanding advice here.  The only question that remains is whether you will follow their advice.  And that, dear Leem, is up to you and only you.  You know what direction your should take.  Will you take it?

Best wishes!  

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Yes I will lol

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You do have two options. Put up with it as others have stated or move on. I have always voted with my feet.

Another thing to always keep in mind is you can't please all the people all of the time. So you might as well do what you want whether others like it or not.

End of story.

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