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My all new and improved routine for red burning and swollen feet.

What have you learned today?

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2 Answers

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Mostly if something on my body looks like inflammation ( red hot, swollen, throbbing with pain) it is best not to piss that part off any further by walking, swaying to the music playing  by dancing in the streets!

If you get my drift.

I have been known to howl just waltzing to the loo!

R-I-C-E repeat until the part is near frozen and out of pain!

If your doc won’t give ya pain pills… call his office repeatedly and tell them you are besides yourself in agony!

If you become as big a pain in the arse as your foot… I’m sure your doctor will call up something to your pharmacy straightaway! Don’t let up! Howl like an English bloody Bloodhound! Lol!

Tell your pharmacist they’ll have to deliver as you can barely hobble to the loo! Begin howling and tell them it’s a freaking emergency!

None of this “Keep Calm and Carry On” nonsense!

: - O 

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Thanks. I already have the drugs delivered. So that's sorted. I'm beginning to have to wait hours in my chair before I risk getting up to make a fricking drink. Guess I'll give these people a quick howl.


I know you can do it! lol.


Just be careful mixing alcohol and anything narcotic! That’s a huge no no!

We definitely want you To Live Another Day! lol.

Sending prayers for that poor foot of yours in hopes you find some relief soon!


Thanks. I don't drink but that doesn't stop these medical people asking. I've been looking at my medical record the past few days. Very interesting and somewhat creative license with the stuff I've supposed to have rejected. However, there's a great big long list of questions relating to alcohol. The good news is my blood sugar is bang on target following a blood test a few days ago.

The feet are not looking good but we'll see what happens. Got that appointment at the hospital Thursday but I am going to reschedule if there isn't a high volume of calls.

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I learned how to promote inflammation healing with RICE! 

As always, easier said than done!

Do your best to RICE it up, Blue! Thinking of you!


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Yes Sandy. Nothing is ever easy, spam it. Just like speal choking.

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