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Also, please tell me about gun violence in your own country and how it is/isn't controlled. Are Americans violent by nature? Should Americans have fewer guns, or more guns? Expand on it as you wish.

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3 Answers

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I think America should try something instead of nothing. Although I know of at least one school that has installed various safety measures like having two exits in every room.

As I understand it the majority of gun crime in the USA is committed by re-offenders in the justice system. Stop individuals becoming criminals.

Citizens though need to protect themselves as breaking into peoples property is a big problem. Of course, you could get a guard dog. Criminals will move on to a property that hasn't got one.

It's all been said before though.

Life is what you make it.

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The problem with re-offenders is that they are criminals with criminal ties. Those types of people will find guns because they have the right connection. No background check on them. All they need is cash. lol

Guard dogs are great but what if you live in an area that doesn't allow dogs?


1. I said stop individuals becoming criminals.

2. The police told me once the sign was enough. You don't necessarily need the dog.

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Criminals will always get guns. If I knew the right people I  could get a gun today,  as I'm led to believe that I'm not too far away from one. However, I don't know that type of people.

America is far to mired in contradictions that nothing will ever be done about gun violence.

People tout the 2nd amendment all over the place but can't answer why they need combat style weapons, and why banning such isn't the loss of their right to bare arms.

Then there is all the inane rhetoric about guns don't kill people blah blah blah!!!! Eh! Yeah they do, that's there purpose, that's why they were made..

And finally, the U S. needs to take money out of politics so no elected official is the puppet of corporations that make huge profits from guns.

The End.

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I live in the USA so sorry for answering but couldn't help myself! Put God back in schools!!!

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