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His secretary Gertraud "Traudl" Junge typed it up along with Goebbels last will. 

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3 Answers

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Hitler left everything "to the German Government."  His net worth is pretty much a moot point, from what I can see.  His suicide, followed by the collapse of the German government soon afterwards, left whatever semblance of an inheritance in shambles.

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It is quite possible he took it with him, lol.

Hear me out.

Hitler like most dictators are very aware during war time their possible capture by the enemy is  possible. Hitler like our own top politicians had a bunker to protect to protect him from intense shelling. However, supposedly the enemy surrounded him and he and Eva hadn’t prepared for that possibile reality and committed suicide. Eva by cyanide and Hitler by a pistol placed to his temple. Allegedly their bodies were incinerated burnt to ashes, yet his identity was confirmed by his dental records. Teeth remained identifiable?

Conspiracy theorists have located a a location in Argentina that was an alleged Nazi stronghold? Likely he oversaw their “mock suicide”? Perhaps Eva’s “suicide” is committed first, then his? 

Does anyone think Hitler couldn’t plan ahead and take his riches to Argentina? Perhaps sacrificing Eva and having his teeth placed amongst the ashes? Who was the other body?

Most dictators are complete cowards!

Taking Eva along could potentially reveal his true identity!

Just a thought!

Not saying, I totally believe it, but it is very intriguing…..

The Leftists have left us!

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Interesting comment. I've never heard the "fake teeth" theory before. Its plausible.

However we also have the testimony of several of the people in the bunker who witnessed the suicide and burning. But the theory is plausible, they could be lying. 

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According to the document below, his assets were turned over to Bavaria which is what he wanted. He said his assets should be turned over to the Nazi Party, if not then the Government of Germany and if not it doesn't matter.

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