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It wouldn't surprise me if they do. It's pretty clear to anyone paying attention that trump has every intent to run even if he gets convicted, and if he gets back into the WH he will rip up the constitution and declare himself President Dictator for life. He is an extremely dangerous dumb arse.

All those so called MAGA Republicans will aide and abet to remain in power themselves.

In 2016 I truly believed that Americans were too smart to elect him President, look how that turned out.

2024 is a battle to remain a Democratic Republic, or Crown a King.

Of course I can't vote and rely on the American people to vote smart. I'm not confident that they will.


I also thought America was too smart to elect Trump. So did 99% of the newspapers and 95% of the pollsters. Something went seriously wrong. We've never gotten it that wrong before.

My belief is that Putin succeeded in rigging the election. I don't know, how but he did. KGB interference in the US election was a very big story in 2015, but Obama supposedly fixed it so that it wouldn't be an issue. He was wrong.

The 2016 election completely eliminated American confidence in polling. However look where it got him. Trump's been impeached twice, indicted twice, been successfully sued at least twice, lost 2/3 of his fortune, been forbidden to practice in New York State and lost several hotels. His name is mud. Its been one of the worst mistakes of his career. lol

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