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2 Answers

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No I don't to be honest.

But it is strange all these people leaving the site because they have some sort of problem with the management. When they've just made my job easier.

Good luck to all.

Life is what you make it.

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Is that you Belle? Why are you incognito?

: )

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)

Belle requested her account to be deleted. Apparently she's joined others somewhere so much better. Oh well.




I know Lady. It's a shame people had to leave. I have no doubt Belle will be back but not posting obviously. Because she's a nosey fucker.


lol… that’s one way to get her to comment!


lol I know yeah. I'm not normally that brave.


Well, I hope Belle truly finds what she's looking for out there. 


U2 did a song about dat.

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