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Some purses are $500,000 others $1,500,000?

What are the determining factors???

The Leftists have left us!

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The gist; purse money comes from people betting on the races, money from sponsors, and partners, including entry fees for the race. Therefore, the more people that bet on a race naturally the bigger the purses will be. When a horse wins, the owners receives the most of the purse, around 80%. And, the trainers and jockeys each get  around 10%.of the purse money. 

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Figures.  The person with the least to do with winning, the owner gets most of the money.  The trainer and rider get a little, and the poor horse, who did all of the work, gets a bucket of oats.  Lol.


Sure. Like anything else one has to make a progressive move to advance. Not many things are just handed to you. 

The Thoroughbreds love oats, vegetables, a nice bath, and I treat mine to a nice Guinness. LOL!


Thank you, lady4u!

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Bit risky that much in ya purse, Lady. Just a heads up.

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