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Evidently there are “buttons” pets can memorize and press to make requests, questions or comments to their owners.

Most of the voice “buttons” repeat the words outside, pets, scratches,hungry,love you and the pets basic needs.

Dogs, cats and now horses have learned to use the “buttons” to voice their wants, concerns or emotions.

Horse “buttons” are not activated with their feet as other animals do, but rather with their muzzle!

My dog didn’t need “buttons” as when he wanted a treat he would go to the refrigerator and bark and then return to me and bark again! I would ask him from a list of acceptable doggie treats and he would bark when I said what he wanted! Lol! It was a 10pm ritual. I assume he recognized the sound of the program I was watching, when I originally asked him “if he wanted a treat?” I don’t think he read the analog clock?? He did cause me to ponder the exact timing, tho!!

So, what do you think your animals have to say?

The Leftists have left us!

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Very cool! However, no buttons are necessary. We get each other quite well. However, if  buttons were within reach, besides the norm wants and needs, I'm pretty sure they would be saying thankful things for all the love and care they receive. My 3 dogs are special and treated special. They each get a special birthday cake type cookie, made at the Buffalo Barkery. Which is a animal (especially dogs) boutique. They make cakes and special treats for dogs, ect.. They even started enjoying wearing the party hat, lol. All my Thoroughbreds too get special cookies made of oats, carrots and apples. And, treated to a nice Guinness too on special days. The dessert treats are actually quite good, lol. Thoroughbreds birthdays are celebrated on January 1st. I'm sure if they could they would be pressing  buttons all day requesting the treats more often. For now they know exactly how to  'my' buttons. LOL!

Very interesting question, lady4u!

: )

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Based off their usual behavior I'm sure it would be some variation of: " Wake up and feeeeeed meeee!" usually around 4:00am; "pet me, love me, cuddle me"  when my male cat comes up and drapes himself across my lap; and "love me, I want attention"  from my female cat when she flops on the floor and shows her belly for pets.

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I think I wondered this many times. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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