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3. According to Overvalued Resources, which claims to publish data on market share for various products, Oregasmo control about 10% of the market for cookie brands. Suppose 20 purchasers of cookies are selected randomly from the population. What is the probability that fewer than four purchasers choose Oregasmo?

The State Bank of Hindustan claims that the average cumulated college student loan debt for a graduating student in PGDM is $25,760. The standard deviation of such student loan debt is $5,684, Thirty percent of these graduating seniors owe more than what amount? 5. During one winter, Mr. Arab Nobomber played a game called the Nobrainer gamble. In this game total

instant winnings of $34.8 million were available in 70 million $1 tickets, with ticket prizes ranging from

$1 to $1,000. Shown here are the various prizes and the probability of winning each prize. Use these data. Numerical solution

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And... show us your work to this point so we will be able to respond helpfully.

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