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Would any current or future Presidents consider this an option?

Would this require a Congressional vote? Or could said President make it an Executive Action?

What set of circumstances would have to come about to justify this?

The Leftists have left us!

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4 Answers

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At this point I definitely can imagine just about anything out of the ordinary. Usually congress and the president would have to authorize a draft. However, if a national emergency happened to be the case then the Selective Service will follow this process to draft eligible men (or  women too if the option applies). 

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Absolutely ! If they are equal to men then why are they not subject to the draft. Its the only thing they don`t complain about.

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Back in the late 60s and early 70s, when I was going to my advanced ROTC classes to become a 2nd lieutenant in the Army, it was all but certain I would be deployed to Vietnam.

Mrs Media was then in nurses' training, and she was being advised by her instructors that the Selective Service was thinking about (i.e. ready to start) drafting nurses, because there was a drastic shortage of nurses in Vietnam, and they were desperately needed there.  The plan was to draft them right out of nurses' training and commission them at the rank of either first lieutenant or even captain.  That would insulate them (to a degree) from the coarse interactions with those lowly enlisted men, or so the thinking went.

The only reason it didn't happen was that the courts advised the Selective Service that drafting "one class" of people -- nurses -- was discriminatory.  If they were going to draft nurses, they would have to draft women of all types.  At that time, no one wanted to have the Israeli-type draft, so the idea was shelved.  

Today, women can enlist, just as men can enlist.  But if there is a draft again... will it be "genderless?"  It would be hard to argue these days that it's OK to draft men but NOT OK to draft women.  Perhaps it might happen with the caveat that women who are drafted will not be drafted into combat roles unless they specifically request those deployments.

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I always enjoy your perspective!

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No.  It does require congress to pass a law.  Modify the selective service act.  Currently it only applies to males that must register and be drafted.  Considering how weird congress men and woman are, I cannot see them changing the law to allow women the chance to get their asses shot off.  Not even considering the testosterone fuelled leadership of the military.  Nope isn't going to happen.  There is no power that could allow it to happen.  Lol

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