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I'm looking for a very comfortable pair of slippers for my soon to be 99 year old mother. She does NOT like memory foam. Does anyone one have any recommendations? I'm having a difficult time finding a comfortable pair of slip on slippers. The type with a close toe and a very low heel back that keeps feet in place. I believe they are called clog style slippers. Every pair I've looked at in stores have memory foam. 

I'm leary of buying any generic brands that I never heard of online due to lack of quality. However, I'm willing too with recommendations.  

Thank  you!

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5 Answers

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I suggest googling and ordering online. If she is a 1/2 size always order up one size.

By googling you can see a picture of the style, description of materials and review the customer reviews.

I know we all want to purchase in person but sometimes the big box stores don’t quite have the quality we desire.

Doctors advise replacing slippers yearly, but that is no challenge with their salaries! Lol!

You can Google slippers without memory foam and a nice selection comes up! 

Lands End appears to be what you are describing and comes in many colors, designs! Generally thought to be a reputable brand.

Good Luck!

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Not  sure what happened to my comment that I posted for you earlier, lady4u?? It's gone?? I must not have clicked on Add Comment. Sheesh!

What I said was; I did Google slippers without memory foam, first thing, but kept getting slipper with memory foam. So frustrating, and reason why I posted this question.

Also, I'm very familiar with the brandname Lands' End. I will definitely check their slippers out.

Thank you, lady4u!

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I can recommend FitVille. Google the name. They are all about making footwear that love your feet. They are also global but can take up to 10 working days to deliver. But it's worth it. There are also other footwear businesses out there if you do some googling with the same approach to making these things.

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Thank you, Blue. I'm very intrigued in this FitVille that you mention. I'm not aware of them. I'll definitely be checking them out! : )

Also, as I stated in lady4u comment, I did do several Google searches before posting this question. However, I kept getting slippers with memory foam no matter how I worded it. Frustrating! I did get shoes without memory foam but no slippers. : /


Blue, I actually like those FitVille Men's Classic Slip-Resistant Casual Slippers for both my parents and myself, lol.. I've bought men's comfort shoes for myself before that I liked in the smallest men's size. I have small feet. My Italian family calls me "Little Shoe" lol. Anyway, I first need to find out the size conversion for women for mom and me. The price is crazy reasonable too. I didn't expect that. Thank you! : )


No problem. Glad I can help you for all the times you've helped me. Interesting about wearing men's. Don't see why not. But there you go. Not everyone is as laid back as me.

Here's a link to the pic of the ones I love. If you click on image to open it shows different views too. : )


The ones I chose are nice, not like a bulky type men's slipper/shoe at all. They look nice and comfortable to wear around the house and/or to walk outside if need be. I'm going to write the company for a size conversion chart for me and mom, hopefully they have my size. I know they will have a fit for my parents but possibly not me. If not I'll just get them for them then. I'll see how it goes. TY


Nice. The shoe is on the other foot for those that left and don't get to see this.

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Try LL Bean. They have several in the style you are looking for and they typically have good quality. 

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Thank you!

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SandyGirl, I am not sure if these are what you want but my favorite slippers come from "The Vermont Country Store". Alas, my faves are not there any longer and others I checked have memory foam!! Good luck in your search!

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I would recommend Minnetonka Moccasin slippers for women.  There are all kinds and styles. Check Amazon for a large variety.  My personal favorite has always been a plain, unlined leather moccasin, but they are tough to come by lately.  Best wishes to you and your mother!

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Thank you, Media. I will check those out too.

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