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Trump suggests charging people he doesn`t like with treason , and began calling for his detractors to be prosecuted or even put to death.

To me this sounds like the rantings of ADOLPH HITLER!!

Let`s have your take off on this?


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Plain and simple my take is politics is evil. Including all the gossip and threats that goes with it, no matter who presents it. Christians especially know gossip is a sin. Which we all know is the backbone of the political process. Gossip/propoganda is presented in many ways including smear campaigns. It all has unparalleled influence on shaping public opinion, forming alliances, and destroying reputations. Propaganda is all lump together with scandal, rumour, slander/ gossip in a wholesale condemnation. Here is where we run into the danger of “guilt by association.” All a big picture plan to influence the attitudes of people through the use of suggestion. 

Whether it's  Biden's so called Dementia and/or possible family’s shady business dealings. Or debating some of what we've seen Trump’s mental health, his capacity to gossip about anyone who gets in his way, or his fitness. Even the past comedian and actor Ukrain's President Zelensky’s made fun in  discussing whether Putin’s puffed face is a result of steroids or not. The fact too it's in every other headline we see today. It's all gossip. Gossip is the  result of a depraved mind meant to penetrate the "weak" to gain power through it's scandalous results. All of this is unfitting for Christians. Many don't see the wreckage all this gossips causes because they love to indulge in it. Bottom line it's a sin regardless of who, what and where. 

The truth is what will bring us together. Not  focusing our attention on gossip or conflicts but to focus our attention on the will of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ. People find unity not by facing off against each other but by looking together in the same direction. The prayer we all should pray in every situation is the prayer Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Father, not my will but thine be done” (Luke 22:42).


Let your life be driven with purpose!

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An excellent and very thought out answer SandyGirl!


It was just announced today that Trump may have his business license to practice in New York revoked. If that happens he may not be rich anymore. He owns 5 bldgs. in NYC that are the bulk  of his fortune.


Thank you, Blue Jay! 
: )

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I think he's got problems.

Life is what you make it.

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So… if Trump goes full deranged… likely an Adolph Hitler?

Then Biden goes full demented… likely a Benito Mussolini!!


That’s my take!

Then you have the super Eagle Scout… Mike Pence?

And The holiest of rollers Desantis?

What’s a moderate center right or center left supposed to do?

Vote for Mary Ann (Faithful) Williamson?

Or stuttering Robert Kennedy?

Where’s the Scottish Hen with her 2 pence worth?

The Leftists have left us!

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The Reublicans have to re-order their party. Before Nixon blew it up it had moderates and pro abortion candidates Then Reagan took over and brought in the televangelist right and the moral majority. Then those people got exposed for who they are, fakes and hypocrites. Then trump showed up. 

Whatever happened to social moderates and economic conservatives, or vice versa. Just a thought. 


Well, in my opinion, both parties began to try and differentiate themselves from each other. As time wore on the “political elite” of both parties sought disparate identities.

I believe the majority of US citizens tend to be center right or center left. 

I don’t believe the majority of US citizens want a hostile and divided country either in race, sexual identity, economics or social class.

Most Americans don’t want a super restrictive administration governing them like “children.”

Neither do most Americans want their children indoctrinated in some political ideology/theory!

Most Americans are not in favor unlimited abortion even up to the time of birth.

Most Americans do not support unlimited immigration and “open border” policies!

Most Americans want to see an equal application of the laws, not fear or favor applied to any one political party, race or ideology!

Both parties avoided compromise with the opposition and “dug in” on their respective rhetoric.

Political division must be highly profitable or both parties would not thoroughly involve themselves in it!


I think much of this division would not have been possible when the Big 3 owned the airwaves. There simply wasn't enough room. I also think this will iron itself when the recent court cases start taking effect; about spreading spreading lies about who won the election 

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