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+1 vote

Who is your best guess?

The Leftists have left us!

in Politics by (1,068,480 points)

4 Answers

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Don't know.  Don't care.  He has said that it won't be anyone currently announced as running.  He also said that it will probably be a black woman.  My guess, not to liberal, not a right wing wacko.  A moderate placekeeper.  He doesn't want it coming back to haunt him.

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I think this diane Feinsteiin thing is so funny. Last week, Democrat's were doing everything they could to get her to quit. She was literally suffering from dementia. 

So she  dies of old age and she's a democratic prodigy. My how quickly we forget.

As to who will replace her, I'm dsure it will be a Democrat. LOL

by (45,300 points)

No doubt a Democrat! Lol!

However, I believe all politicians should be recognized for their service to our country without besmirching them after they pass!

She indeed was a true liberal feminist and hardly center right as some Dem’s tried to paint her when they disagreed with her.

She and Nancy Pelosi were said to be close friends. So birds of a feather and all that!

+2 votes

He wants to pick a caretaker to fill the seat and let the voters decide in the regular election without giving any of the candidates the "incumbency advantage."  To ME, that's a smart decision.

However, he promised a while back to appoint a Black woman.  Unfortunately, the Black community seems to be interpreting a "caretaker move" on his part to be an "Insult" to Black women.  Too bad they feel that way.  

He has a tough choice, given that attitude vs his previous promises.

by (962,040 points)

I think the “insult” is the unnecessary previous descriptor of “black” or “”woman.”

He should have only said he was not temporarily filling the position with someone who was “running for that office to prevent showing favoritism.

After choosing he should say he chose the person best qualified to temporarily fill that position until an election was held.

Imagine someone saying he were only considering another specific race or sexual identity! 

The ____ would hit the fan!!!


I agree that it is has been a "pandering" move on the part of Democrats to "promise" a given position to a specific minority and/or gender.  The plan might BE to name a Black woman to a given post, but to make that plan public, especially ahead of time as it was in this case and in the Supreme Court nomination of Katangi Brown, diminishes the appointment.  

For example, I am not sure I would delight in being named to the Marriott Board of Directors because they were looking for an overweight, over-70 balding white man.  I would be happy that I was the best of that litter, but I'm not sure how much bragging rights I would have earned.

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He has now announced his pick:  Laphonsa Butler, President of EMILY's List, as the interim senator to replace Feinstein.

by (962,040 points)

Guess she checks all the “boxes” eh? Although she currently isn’t a California resident, she soon will be? 

He hasn’t said she  won’t run for the Senate position, though?

Time will tell?


She owns homes in View Park, CA and in L.A.  She lived in Silver Springs, MD when she became president of EMILY's List. However, she has now relocated to her L.A. home and is a registered voter in the state.

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