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Did the testing of the National Emergency Response System seem coincidental now?

The US is now moving it’s Naval aircraft carrier and ships closer to Israel.

How did Hamas mask the movement of thousands of missiles to attack Israel?!?

And our military intelligence didn’t detect this either??

It’s all rather perplexing!

Doesn’t Israel's NATO membership qualify them for US involvement?

The Leftists have left us!

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Obviously, there has been a huge problem with both Israeli and U.S. intelligence communities. The blame game can wait, I think.  Rushing to judgment now is a popular exercise.  It was the same way with 9/11.  However, the "blame" process had to be back-shelved until the immediate needs were attended to.  

The testing of the Emergency Alert System is required once every three years.  This was the year for it.  In three more years, I'm sure people will be thinking "Look what just happened before/after that Alert... coincidence?  I don't think so!"

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Assigning responsibility and immediately correcting any issues can prevent another potential disaster. This process if handled expediently and not for political one-upmanship can save many innocent lives!


And jumping to conclusions without evidence can create even more problems.  In the Central Park 5 case, a confession from the actual perpetrator later cleared the kids who had been immediately arrested and then convicted. Despite the clear exoneration, Donald Trump took it upon himself to take out a full-page ad in Newsday calling for the death penalty to be reinstated so the Central Park 5 could be executed--AFTER they were cleared.

In 2006, there a rape case in South Carolina that immediately resulted in claims that members of the Duke Lacrosse team were responsible.  While it was true that a rape occurred, there was no evidence that the boys were responsible.  The case was dropped, but the young men had their lives ruined.

There are more cases that I could bring up where there was a rush to judgment and it was just plain wrong.

What I'm saying here is NOT that we shouldn't find out what went wrong and address the reasons the situation went south.  Far from it.  I'm saying let's not start throwing accusations about who didn't do what until we actually have some evidence of what we're talking about.

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Probably.  Israel is a nuclear state.  They have been looking for an excuse to nuk iran for years.  If they go ahead and blow iran up, it will probably spread quickly.  

I don't think that they are a nato member, but I could be wrong.  They have not been much help to the US previously. 

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Slaughtering 1,300 women, children and elderly definitely can irk the best of countries!

Turning the other cheek with a terrorist organization ( HAMAS) only invites more. Israel is in a no win situation!

You are correct Israel is not NATO! My mistake!


Very true.  After a bunch of Saudis blew up the twin towers, the US blew up Iraq.  Killed off a million Iraqis or so.  Not our best move.  We need cooler heads to prevail.  Blowing up innocent Palestinians just creates more terrorist hamas members.


I believe the Palestinians are evacuating now!

Simply put WAR IS HELL!

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Here's a couple interesting articles with some interesting perspective on your questions.

Is there a bit of you reap what you sow happening?

And Israel, while having close ties with many NATO countries, is not a member of NATO.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

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Yes you are correct about Israel not being a NATO member my mistake!

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It's the middle east. It was never going to be good.

Life is what you make it.

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No. The Holy Land has had 5 wars since 1948. There will be more too.

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